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You almost never see a vigilante justice story that works out well for the vigilantes.  And this one's no different . . .



25-year-old Corey Cornutt and his 29-year-old girlfriend Savannah Grillot live together in Visalia, California.  (About 40 miles southeast of Fresno.)  And they were sick of people in their area stealing bikes.



So for several months, they'd leave a bike on their front lawn to lure thieves in.  And if anyone tried to steal it, they'd chase them down . . . and beat them with BASEBALL BATS.



They beat up at least four would-be thieves between July and November.  But neighbors say the real number was much higher.  And a few were seriously injured.



Apparently some of their neighbors supported what they were doing.  But they got caught after trying to rack up likes by posting the security footage on YouTube.



They're facing charges for conspiracy and assault with a deadly weapon.  But none of the thieves have been arrested, because Corey and Savannah never filed any police reports about the attempted thefts. 



(Fox News / KTLA)



(Here are their mugshots.)

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