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You never would have seen this story a decade ago.  But now even America's seniors are so addicted to tech, they have to have it . . .



A 28-year-old guy in Georgia named Thomas McCollum is facing charges after he kept stealing his 73-year-old mom's electronics . . . and holding them for RANSOM.



He took her iPad and other gadgets like her TV, and hid them.  Then he texted her and said she wouldn't get them back until his demands had been met.



If she didn't cough up the money by his deadline, he said he'd up the ransom.  So she eventually went to an ATM with him, and gave him an undisclosed amount of money.



Police arrested him on Sunday.  He's facing a felony charge for the exploitation or intimidation of an elderly person.



Last we checked, his mom hadn't bailed him out.



(AJC / 11Alive)



(Here's his mugshot.)

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