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This is a heck of a consolation prize for your wife cheating on you, leaving you, and leaving your life in ruins. 



A guy named Kevin Howard from North Carolina had been married to his wife for 12 years when he found out she'd been cheating on him with a coworker.  And she wound up leaving Kevin for that guy.



Well . . . North Carolina is one of a handful of states that have something called "alienation of affections" laws.  Those let you sue someone for, quote, "purposefully interfering with the marital relationship."



Kevin blamed his wife's coworker for seducing her, stealing her away, and destroying the marriage . . . so he sued the guy for alienation of affections.



And . . . he just won a $750,000 JUDGMENT.



He says it's not about the money, quote, "I believe in the sanctity of marriage" . . . but, you know, I don't foresee him giving the money back anytime soon. 



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(Here's a picture of Kevin.)

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