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If you look up your bank account balance one day and it's six figures higher than normal, you HAVE to expect someone's going to find that mistake.



36-year-old Robert Williams and his 35-year-old wife Tiffany from Montoursville, Pennsylvania got a giant boost to their bank account back on May 31st . . . when a teller accidentally deposited $120,000 into their account.  Their balance before that?  $1,121.



But Robert and Tiffany decided the right move wasn't to contact the bank . . . it was to go on a SPENDING SPREE.



So for the next few weeks, they bought an SUV, two four-wheelers, a camper, and a car trailer . . . they paid off all their bills and car repairs . . . and gave $15,000 to friends.



BUT . . . in mid-June, the bank figured out their mistake.  And despite what the game "finders keepers" might've taught us in elementary school, the bank took their $120,000 back and transferred it to the correct account.



So Robert and Tiffany were told they had to return all the money they'd spent, plus they were hit with $107,000 in overdraft fees.  They tried to ghost the bank to get out of it . . . so the bank called the cops.



And now Robert and Tiffany have been arrested on felony theft charges. 



(ABC 16 - Scranton / Williamsport Sun-Gazette)

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