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If you steal something from the '90s, be prepared to get busted by something from the '90s too.



Some thieves stole a 1995 Jeep Cherokee from a 55-year-old guy named Joe Williams in Portland, Oregon last month.  The cops found it abandoned about a week later.



As Joe and his teenage kids were going through the car, they saw the thieves had gone through the glovebox and found an old disposable film camera.  His kids decided to have the film developed to see what was on there.



And . . . besides some old family pictures, it turned out the car thieves had taken SELFIES with the disposable camera.  So Joe now has a great look at all of their faces.



Some people in his neighborhood thought they recognized the people in the pictures . . . but Joe says he doesn't want to bother turning them over to the cops.



Quote, "The Jeep's older than dirt.  When I bought my new car, I was going to trade it in.  The dealer offered $65 for it."



Also . . . the thieves left some tattoo equipment behind in the Jeep, and Joe wanted to keep it, but his wife said no, so he left it on his front porch.  And, quote, "Someone stole it." 



(The Oregonian)  (Here are the thieves' selfies.)




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