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So THIS is where we stand now with the Popeyes chicken sandwich.



In case you haven't heard, Popeyes announced last week that their new chicken sandwiches were so popular, they RAN OUT.  Stores will sell what they've got and won't get reinforcements until they're available.



Well . . . a group of two men and three women in Houston apparently hadn't heard that news.  And they went through a Popeyes drive-thru on Monday night to order the sandwiches.



When the staff said they were sold out, the five people got out of their car and tried to STORM THE POPEYES.



A manager quickly locked the front door . . . so one of the guys pulled out a GUN to try to get a sandwich.



The manager told him they really didn't have ANY, so the group took off.  And now the cops are trying to track down the guy who pulled the gun on felony aggravated assault charges. 



(The Smoking Gun)

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