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This feels like it was a million-in-one shot.  So maybe this guy can appreciate what a feat it was.



A guy was driving on the interstate in Johnson County, in central Indiana on Sunday, and he threw his baby's DIRTY DIAPER out of his car window.



And . . . the diaper hit a COP CAR.



The cop immediately pulled the guy over and saw a baby in the backseat.  The guy wouldn't admit that he threw the diaper out of the window, though . . . he said the wind had blown it out.



I'm not sure how that works, but the cop gave the guy a ticket for littering. 



(CW 8 - Indianapolis / CNN)



Sgt. Stephen Wheeles?@ISPVersailles

Littering is always bad....

Littering by throwing a used diaper out of the car window right in front of a police officer is asking for a ticket...

....especially when diaper hits said police officer’s ????. ????


7:52 AM - Aug 19, 2019

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