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This is one way to keep business costs down, I guess.  Not a good way.  But a way.



Over the past few weeks, a man and a woman broke into a grocery store in Trussville, Alabama . . . and only stole toilet paper and paper towels.



The cops were ready last Tuesday when the couple broke in for a third time . . . and they wound up in a high-speed chase.  Again, over toilet paper.



The cops wound up catching them . . . and it turns out the guy is a 50-year-old man named Ira Glover.  Why was he stealing toilet paper?  He owns a janitorial company . . . and he was looking to get free inventory.



Oh . . . and he's actually done this before.  He was busted for stealing toilet paper back in March, too . . . and he's on probation for that.  Charges against Ira and the woman who was with him are still pending.  (



(Here's his mugshot.)




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