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I'm not sure if these guys are aspiring spies . . . but if so, maybe it's time to come up with a new dream.



There's a spy shop in Daytona Beach, Florida that sells things like GPS trackers, hidden cameras, and audio recorders.  (And also something called a Semen Detection Kit, which is supposed to help you find out if your wife is cheating.)



Anyway, two guys tried to break into the store around 1:00 A.M. on Sunday.  But there were two things they hadn't counted on.



One, somehow they didn't realize the shop had surveillance cameras all over, because OBVIOUSLY a spy shop would.  So there are plenty of videos of the guys in action. 



And two, the front window was made out of a special, stronger glass, so it wouldn't break.  Even when the guys hit it with a hammer 56 TIMES.



The guys were wearing masks, but one of the cameras caught their license plate.  The shop turned that info over to the cops, and they're tracking down the burglars. 



(Daytona Beach News-Journal)


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