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Sezeryadigar/iStock(CHICAGO) -- Casey Urlacher, the brother of Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher, was among those charged this week in an illegal offshore gambling scheme.

Urlacher and eight others helped supposed ringleader Vincent Delgiudice -- also known as "Uncle Mick" -- take sports bets and placed them in an illegal sports book based in Costa Rica, prosecutors alleged in a 28 page indictment unsealed in the Northern District of Illinois.

"It was further part of the conspiracy that Vincent Delgiudice used Federal Express to cause the cashier's checks and money orders to be delivered to the addresses in Costa Rica supplied by Individuals 1 and 2," the indictment says. "And others who worked for or were associated with Company A."

Urlacher is also the Mayor of Mettawa, Illinois and prosecutors alleged that he also made bets with Delgiduice, who prosecutors say accepted wagers from as many as 1,000 gamblers.

According to the Justice Department, a "law enforcement search of Delgiudice’s residence in Orland Park seized more than $1.06 million in cash; silver bars and jewelry valued at $347,895; and gold coins valued at $92,623."

DOJ added, "The indictment seeks forfeiture of these items, as well as Delgiudice’s residence. It also seeks a personal money judgment against Delgiudice of $8 million."

Bettors, including Urlacher, would send or meet with Delgiudice and pay him in cashier’s checks, before creating a website to further illegally bet on sports games -- the website was called ""

One of Deligudice’s co-conspirators, Matthew Knight, once texted a message to Gambler A, which said "Morning Bronco, going through figs, can you please tell Bronco 33 to pay or play, hasn’t played since February down 938."

In another instance Deliguidice told another co-conspirator "Todd Blaken by phone that he had 1,006 "customers" and had won $100,000, or "about $100 per player."

A lawyer for Urlacher has not returned ABC News' request for comment

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fizkes/iStock(CHICAGO) -- An Illinois man who spent the past several months training seven hours a day, including 1,500 sit-ups daily, has broken the male world record for longest time in the plank position.

George Hood, 62, of Naperville, Illinois, held a plank for eight hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, according to Guinness World Records, which certified Hood's record.

Hood -- a retired law enforcement officer who now works as a personal trainer -- set his first world record for the plank in 2011, holding it for one hour and 20 minutes. He most recently lost the title in 2016 and said his children inspired him to try to win it again.

"I'm the father of three sons and part of me did this for them," said Hood, whose adult sons have followed their dad into law enforcement careers.

Hood was also inspired to compete for the plank title again to raise mental health awareness. He completed the challenge on Feb. 15 at an Illinois gym, 515 Fitness, that focuses on using exercise to help treat mental health.

"I’m not a paid athlete," he said. "I do this thing because I can and I can also help raise awareness."

"I’ve seen enough folks in the military and my law enforcement comrades who haven’t fared so well," Hood said. "We want to break that stigma of seeking [mental health] help."

Hood deployed his own mental toughness to survive in a plank position for the length of a typical workday for most people. He listed to rock music to pass the time and focused on picturing himself as a rock solid tree.

"I often envision myself as a tree when I’m on that platform because all the energy I exude from that platform comes from earth," he said. "Like a tree I have roots and those roots go deep and when they do I’m ready to weather any storm that comes across my platform. I’m ready to stay in my pose without wavering."

Niki Perry, the founder of 515 Fitness, was by Hood's side for much of the eight hours and also worked with him during his training to prepare him mentally.

"We focused on mental toughness and the four c’s that you have to be able to get through to get through something as arduous as this: Commitment, consistency, core beliefs and evaluating challenges," she said, adding that the gym also arranged for members to speak out on their "why's" in life to provide inspiration to Hood.

At the end of the eight hours, Hood celebrated his new world title by doing 75 push-ups.

He said he thinks this plank world record title will be his last. Hood is now eyeing new challenges, like the winning the Guinness World Record for most push-ups completed in one hour, which currently stands at 2,806.

His advice for other people looking to hold even just a 20-second plank or do one push-up is to just get started.

"Everybody has a starting point," Hood said. "Everybody starts somewhere and then, like anything in life, you build from that."

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Franklin County Ohio Sheriff(COLUMBUS, Ohio) -- Two former Ohio State University football players accused of kidnapping and raping a woman were indicted on Friday.

Amir Riep, 21, Jahsen Wint, 21, are each facing two counts of rape and one count of kidnapping, Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien announced.

The charges stem from an alleged Feb. 4 incident involving a 19-year-old woman, according to police.

The woman is said to have visited the apartment of Riep and Wint to watch a movie. However, at some point in the night, she was allegedly restrained and forced to have non-consenual vaginal and oral sex with them, according to the prosecutors.

The two men turned themselves in last week and were being held at Franklin County Jail without bond. It's not yet clear if either has obtained legal representation.

If convicted, each faces a maximum prison term of 33 years and would have to register as a sex offender.

Buckeyes head coach Ryan Day said in a previous statement he had dismissed Riep and Wint from the team.

"I am not making any statement on the criminal charges, but it is clear they did not live up to our standards and my expectations," he said.

Riep was a cornerback and Wint played safety.

Their arraignment is scheduled for March 6.

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artisteer/iStock(NEW YORK) — The battle between the U.S. Women's National Team and the United States Soccer Federation continued on Thursday, with both sides filing motions in court.

Last March, 28 members of the team filed a lawsuit against the federation alleging gender discrimination in their treatment versus how the governing body treats the men's team.

The lawsuit cites not just pay, but also the denial of "at least equal playing, training, and travel conditions; equal promotion of their games; equal support and development for their games; and other terms and conditions of employment."

On Thursday, lawyers representing the players filed a motion seeking more than $66 million in damages.

The USSF, in turn, asked for the case to be dismissed.

A trial has been set for May 5, just weeks before the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo begin.

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iStock(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Thursday's sports events:

Milwaukee 126, Detroit 106
Atlanta 129, Miami 124
Charlotte 103, Chicago 93
Philadelphia 112, Brooklyn 104 -- OT
Sacramento 129, Memphis 125
Houston 135, Golden State 105

Toronto 4, Pittsburgh 0
Montreal 4, Washington 3 -- OT
New Jersey 2, San Jose 1
Philadelphia 4 Columbus 3 -- OT
Winnipeg 5, Ottawa 1
St. Louis 1, Arizona 0
Vegas 5, Tampa Bay 3
Los Angeles 5, Florida 4


Arizona St. 77, Oregon 72
Colorado 70, Southern Cal 66
Iowa 85, Ohio St. 76
BYU 85, Santa Clara 75
Arizona 89, Oregon St. 63
Gonzaga 71, San Francisco 54

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cmannphoto/iStock(NEW YORK) -- A Staten Island man pleaded guilty Thursday to charges he tried to bribe college basketball players to fix games, his attorney said.

Federal prosecutors said that Benjamin Bifalco concocted a "scheme to fix an NCAA college basketball game." Investigators learned of the alleged crime in December 2018 as part of an organized crime investigation.

He acknowledged to the court that he approached a player and offered him money to lose by more than the point spread of a college basketball game but the player wouldn’t accept it, as per his attorney, Vincent J. Martinelli.

Bifalco, 25, allegedly has purported ties to the Colombo crime family and was caught on an FBI wiretap telling a family capo about a plan to pay thousands of dollars to players of an unnamed team, according to his indictment.

The players were to throw the NCAA Division 1 game, the indictment claimed.

Bifalco allegedly encouraged the Colombo capo to place a big bet on the game but the indictment said there were no wagers placed.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of sports bribery, according to his attorney.

Bifalco had previously worked for the office of Assemblywoman Nicole Milliotakis, but was swiftly fired when he was arrested last October.

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Greg Robinson during the 2014 NFL Draft - Allen Kee / ESPN Images

(EL PASO, Texas) -- Former Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Greg Robinson was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Administration in El Paso, Texas, after he was found with 157 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle at a checkpoint.

Robinson, according to a federal complaint, was charged by the Department of Justice Wednesday with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Also arrested and charged was another former NFL player, Jaquan Tyreke Bray, 26, who played for three seasons with the Indianapolis Colts from 2015-2017.

The pair approached the Sierra Blanca checkpoint station, where a U.S. Border Patrol canine unit alerted authorities to their vehicle, the DOJ said in a statement Wednesday. Agents then asked Bray to park the vehicle in the inspection area for further investigation.

A subsequent inspection by agents, according to the complaint, revealed 157 pounds of marijuana inside several large duffle bags in the back of the vehicle.

Robinson allegedly rented the vehicle in Los Angeles Sunday and arranged for a third person to drive the three of them to Louisiana, the complaint said. The DOJ said the third person was an Uber driver Robinson met in 2018.

When the trio reached El Paso and was getting inspected, authorities said Robinson asked the Uber driver to take the fall for the marijuana and that he'd pay him later. The driver purportedly refused and told Robinson he wouldn't have agreed to drive them had he known they were transporting drugs.

Both suspects are being held without bond pending an initial appearance before a U.S. magistrate judge. If convicted, Robinson and Bray face up to 20 years in prison.

After playing with the team for the past two seasons, a Browns team source told ESPN the organization previously told Robinson that it would not re-sign him for the 2020 season. Robinson was selected with the second pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the St. Louis Rams. He also previously played for the Detroit Lions.

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iStock(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Wednesday's sports events:


Rangers 6, Chicago 3
Dallas 3, Arizona 2
Boston 2, Edmonton 1 -- OT
Florida 4, Anaheim 1
Colorado 3, Islanders 1
Minnesota 4, Vancouver 3 -- OT/SO


Louisville 90, Syracuse 66
Villanova 91, DePaul 71
Georgia 65, Auburn 55
Seton Hall 74, Butler 72
Houston 76, Tulsa 43
NC State 88, Duke 66

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wellesenterprises/iStock(DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.) -- NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is continuing to improve after he was seriously injured during a fiery crash in the Daytona 500.

Newman's racing team, Roush Fenway, posted a photo Wednesday of him smiling in the hospital with his two daughters.

Ryan Newman Continues Great Improvement

— Roush Fenway (@roushfenway) February 19, 2020

He is showing "great improvement" following the crash on Monday and is "fully alert and walking around" the hospital, according to a statement from Roush Fenway.

Newman has also been in good spirits as he recovers, his team said.

"True to his jovial nature, he has also been joking around with staff, friends and family while spending time playing with his two daughters," the statement read.

Newman was leading the race when he skidded out, slammed into a wall and flipped over. He was then struck by at least one car from behind, which caused his car to fly into the air, slide on its roof and catch fire while still upside down.

Denny Hamlin, who won the race for a second year in a row, spoke Wednesday about the safety measures NASCAR has implemented in the last decade.

"Before competition, you got to have a car that's safe. You gotta have all your equipment that's safe," he told reporters during a news conference. "The sport's been very fortunate to not have anything freak or weird happen for many, many years, but a lot of that is because of the development and the constant strives to make things better and safer."

Hamlin continued, "I thank my lucky stars every day that I came in the sport when I did."

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Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images(NEW YORK) -- Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), opened up about her "productive, but exhausting" therapy session on Tuesday.

Raisman, 25, explained that her latest therapy appointment left her feeling "completely drained, as if I just finished an intense training session. My body aches."

Despite the grueling session, Raisman offered hope to her followers who understand her battles all too well.

"At first I felt alone like no one would understand but then I remembered so many of you who have kindly supported me and also have been brave enough to share your own stories with me. I hope you know you gave me comfort and hope," she explained.
"The road to recovery isn't easy," she went on. "Some days I feel like I am moving forward and then the next day it feels like 3 steps back. Sometimes when I feel like I am beginning to heal from one part of my trauma, another memory pops up."

The two-time Olympian said when that happens she feels "so sick that it is hard to have an appetite and its hard to sleep."

Raisman said she opened up about such a personal issue to help others "who felt the same way."

"I hope you know you're not alone & no matter how hard the PTSD gets we won't feel like this forever," she said.

She closed her message with a thank you to her fans: "I hope you feel my support. I stand with you."

Her message resonated with many individuals who thanked her for her honesty and encouragement.

Raisman previously revealed her PTSD resulted from being sexually abused by former Team USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar.

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