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I’m just a guy who likes to have fun and enjoy life. One thing you and I have in common is we have both burned our mouths on a hot pocket… Let’s build our relationship off of that and go from there! Do you like pigs feet? No? Me neither. What about swimming? That’s cool! I’m a miniature golf champ. Do you like putting? Awesome! I feel like this is going so well. My favorite color is red, favorite TV show is Saved By The Bell, favorite movie is Top Gun (just call me Maverick). I could go on and on… So just tune in Mornings from 6am-10am and follow me on social media to find out more!
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Waste time? No thank you. The fact that we only get one shot at this life is something I take very seriously! YOLO is definitely my motto, and getting every bit out of my day is goal! I’m a multitasker with a strong opinion, and endless amounts of advice. Top it all off with my passion for people, love of fitness and constant cravings for hamburgers! Let’s live this wonderful crazy life together!


There once was a guy from a small town in Illinois without any stoplights where a loudmouthed kid WOULDN’T STOP TALKING! He was ALWAYS sent to to detention for talking…and he KEPT TALKING!

Of course that story is not about me…how could it be? LOL

Well…actually from a very small town (population last time I visited was 2700) and it doesn’t have a stoplight…d*mn…the story above is a lot like mine…

Anyway, lived in Abilene about 10 years ago & the wife & I loved it so much we came back! Yes…I missed you too!

Oh something you probably don’t know about me…I like to cuddle.
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Tino Cochino Radio

The show is led by Tino Cochino, this seventeen year radio vet got into the business at 13 years old as an intern in his hometown. Since then, he has continued to grow his brand and build a team that is monitored and respected by peers in all markets, major and small.
Raquel is the newest addition to the TCR family. A nationwide co-host audition took place and this red headed fireball shined brighter than all! We’re beyond excited to welcome such a talented, driven, motivated, and unique individual to the team. Fun fact, Raquel is VERY into fitness and is without a doubt the strongest member of TCR……LITERALLY! LOL!
At times, we all think certain things that we simply won’t admit out loud. That’s where DJ Nicasio comes in. Aside from his duties as the official Arizona Diamondbacks DJ, he keeps Tino and the crew on their toes every single day because quite frankly….he has NO FILTER! Feel free to address all complain letters his way. LOL! (Seriously)
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Big Mo

Tommie "Big Mo" was born in Hollywood, California and raised in Denver, Colorado. He is the youngest of three boys with three beautiful kids of his own. He went to high school at JFK in Denver, Colorado and went to college at a major university. He now lives in Abilene, TX working maintenance and as a DJ/Radio Host while raising his youngest son. He loves what he does because he loves music, all types of music, but his favorite is smooth jazz because it calms him and puts him in a smooth and calm mood after a hard day. Big Mo is the founder and CEO of an anti-bully group of kids ages 5 to 15 called The U Squad of Abilene. One of his motto’s is, “If you can’t help yourself, you can’t help others.” He wants to make a positive impact as a 96Q DJ and to be remembered as one of the best DJ/Host on 96Q right here in Abilene, TX!
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Ryan Seacrest “American Top 40

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Slow Jams w/ R Dub

Slow Jams features the hottest R&B love songs, along with your dedications, we call Oral Expressions. Sunday Nite Slow Jams specializes in playing special Slow Jams that you probably haven’t heard in awhile, and definitely won’t hear anywhere else! SWV, Keith Sweat, Jodeci, The Isley Brothers, Boyz II Men, Al B. Sure, Janet Jackson and more can all be heard on Sunday Nite Slow Jams.
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Club Q

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