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Kaden's Crazy News: There's a Warrant Out For a Guy Who Called 911 Over a Glass of Milk and His Lost TV Remote

 I figured if you prank call 911 three or four times you'll probably wind up getting in trouble.  Apparently some police departments give you WAY, WAY more leeway.



There's a 62-year-old guy in the Atlanta area named William Baccus.  And he's called 911 at least 118 TIMES over the past three years . . . with exactly ZERO real emergencies.



One time he called and asked them to bring him a glass of milk.  One time it was because he couldn't find his cell phone.  One time it was because he lost his TV remote.



And the cops or fire department have gone to his house EVERY single time . . . and he never answers the door.



So they finally just put out a warrant for his arrest for abusing the 911 system.  And oddly enough, now he refuses to get in touch with them. 



(ABC 2 - Atlanta)



Kaden's Crazy News: A Guy Was Arrested For Shooting His Brother . . . Again

 I have a feeling I know what this guy's gonna do if he gets out of jail for a second time.



There's a 43-year-old guy in Phelps, Kentucky named David Adkins.  And last June, he was arrested for shooting his brother.



He was initially charged with attempted murder but he wound up pleading guilty to fourth-degree assault and he got out of jail three months ago.



But earlier this month . . . David shot his brother AGAIN.  We're not sure why but clearly these guys don't get along.



Anyway, his brother survived again, and David was arrested again.  He's in jail right now facing first-degree assault charges. 






(Here's his mugshot

Kaden's Crazy News: A Thief Is Busted Because of His Nauseating Body Odor

This guy was just one shower away from the PERFECT CRIME . . . but it turns out that was just too much to ask.



A 35-year-old guy named Barry O'Pray broke into a guy named Ryan Boyd's apartment in Paisley, Scotland earlier this year.  Barry stole Ryan's PlayStation 4, his Nintendo Switch, and a bunch of games worth about $1,300.



And when Ryan got home and found that he'd been robbed, he noticed a very STRONG and AWFUL smell in his house.  It was the smell of horrible body odor.



But Ryan had smelled it before . . . earlier that morning, when he walked past a guy sitting on a bench near his apartment.  And yeah, that guy was Barry.



He passed that info along to the cops, and they were able to track down Barry. 



He was arrested for burglary, and last week, he was in court and pled guilty. 

Kaden's Crazy News: A 66-Year-Old Mom Attempts a Drive-By on Her Son

Here's something you DEFINITELY don't see every day. There's a 66-year-old woman in Panama City Beach, Florida named Priscilla Ann Ethridge.  And on Saturday night, she got into an argument with her 46-year-old son after she thought he stole her cell phone. He left the house on his bike . . . but she wasn't done with him. So she got in her car . . . and did a DRIVE-BY SHOOTING.  On her son. She fired one shot, but fortunately she missed . . . and she was arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm. The cops eventually found her phone . . . it was at her house all along. 



(Gainesville Sun



(Here's her mugshot.)

Kaden's Crazy News: A Drunk Woman Proposes to Her Designated Driver, Then Steals His Car When He Says No

As a designated driver, you expect to deal with some drunken yelling, maybe even some drunken puking.  But this is a whole other level . . .



A group of friends near Minneapolis went out drinking on Saturday and headed home around 3:00 A.M.  We don't know the driver's name.  But they were in his Hummer.  And one of the people he was dropping off was a 29-year-old woman named Panhia Vang.  (We're not sure, but we think it's pronounced PAH-nee-uh Vaing.)



But when they got to her place, she didn't jump out right away . . . and instead asked the guy to MARRY HER.  (???)  Then after he declined, she slid into the driver's seat and TOOK OFF.



Another designated driver had followed them to her place.  So the guy jumped in that car, and they followed her about three miles before she stopped.



At that point, he started YELLING at her to get out.  And he grabbed the roof rack, so she couldn't leave.  Which wasn't a great idea, because she floored it AGAIN and hit 80 miles an hour while he was still holding on.



He eventually lost his grip and suffered several broken bones.  His friends in the other car got him to a hospital.  Then Panhia got arrested when she showed up to VISIT him the next day.  She's facing several charges, including theft of a motor vehicle. 



(Pioneer Press / Mercury News)



(Here's her mugshot.)

Kaden's Crazy News: A Man Scaled a Family's Balcony While Trying to "Follow the Music" to Find His Friend's Party

This guy really should have asked for an exact address.  It would have saved him a trip to jail.  He also could have just not gone the Spider-Man route . . .



25-year-old Daniel Blair was headed to a party in Racine, Wisconsin on Saturday, but he'd never been to the apartment before.  So his friend told him to just follow the sound of the music when he got there.



And that's what he did.  But he couldn't get into the complex.  So he decided to scale the side of a balcony and CLIMB up to where the music was coming from.



Unfortunately, he ended up on someone else's balcony, and came face-to-face with a 12-year-old girl.



He tried to explain what he was doing.  But the girl's mom FREAKED OUT when she saw him, and probably thought he was breaking in.



It's not clear if she pushed him or what.  But she caused him to FALL off the balcony.  Then she called the cops.



When they got there, Daniel was still walking around looking for the party.  He's facing charges for disorderly conduct. 


Kaden's Crazy News: A Guy Sued His Ex-Girlfriend After He Got a Huge Scholarship, and She Never Told Him About It

 I think it's safe to say these two will never be getting back together.  Back in 2013, a Canadian guy named Eric Abramovitz applied for a scholarship at a music school in L.A.  He plays clarinet, and he'd already won a bunch of competitions.



And the scholarship would have allowed him to study under one of the best clarinet teachers in the world.  But unfortunately, he got an email that said he'd been rejected.



Then over a year later, he ended up auditioning for the same teacher . . . and found out he HAD actually been accepted, but never knew it.



It turned out his girlfriend at the time saw an email that said he'd won a FULL, $50,000 scholarship.  And she DELETED it, because she didn't want him to move away.



They broke up for unrelated reasons about a year later.  And he never knew about the scholarship until he met the teacher.



So Eric sued his ex, claiming the scholarship would have set him up to make a lot more money as a musician.  And a judge agreed, awarding him $350,000 in damages.



Eric doesn't know if he'll ever see any of that money though, because his ex blocked him on social media, disappeared, and no one's been able to track her down. 

Kaden's Crazy News: A Car Thief Is Busted With a Small Pet Monkey Clinging to His Chest

We're not sure what was distracting this car thief so much that he crashed . . . but we've definitely got a guess.



A 23-year-old guy named Cody Hession stole a car out of someone's driveway in St. Petersburg, Florida early Friday morning.  And he drove it about 35 miles to Holiday, Florida before he crashed in a ditch.



He ran, but the cops quickly tracked him down.  And . . . they found he had a small MONKEY in a diaper clinging to his chest.



He said he'd bought the monkey from a breeder in South Carolina, but he didn't have an exotic animal permit.



So Cody was arrested for auto theft and he may also be looking at charges for possession of an unlicensed monkey.



As the cops were cuffing Cody and getting ready to take him to jail, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission came to take possession of the monkey.  And they let him and Cody have one last goodbye kiss on the lips. 



(The Smoking Gun)

Kaden Crazy News: A Guy Set Fire to an American Flag Blanket Over Memorial Day Weekend and Started a Wildfire

Well this is the most un-American crime we've seen in a while . . .



Some idiot in Ephrata, Washington set fire to an American flag blanket over Memorial Day weekend.



It happened on Sunday, and the act of burning a flag ISN'T actually a crime.  It's protected under Free Speech.  But the fire SPREAD, and he accidentally started a WILDFIRE that burned about five acres.



Luckily firefighters put it out before it hit any houses, and no one was hurt.



It's still not clear if it was a political statement or what.  But if he just HAPPENED to be burning an American flag blanket around Memorial Day, that's a pretty big coincidence.



There's no word yet on what charges he might be facing.



(NBC News / Newsweek)

Kaden Crazy News: A Woman Says She Didn't Lead the Cops on a High-Speed Chase . . . Her Doppelganger Must've Stolen Her Car

Occam's razor says that the simplest explanation is almost always the right one.  This woman does NOT believe in Occam's razor.



The cops in Waukesha, Wisconsin got into a high-speed chase with a woman last week, where she was going 85 miles-an-hour through construction zones.  She actually got away, but then she ditched the car and ran.



The cops found a cell phone in the car belonging to a 37-year-old woman named Dianna Warchol.  They also found a receipt from Walgreens, and they reviewed the security footage from the store and saw a woman who looked like Dianna.



But . . . when they went to her house, she said it WASN'T her.  Yes, she'd driven the car to Walgreens.  Yes, she'd left her cell phone in there.  But no, she wasn't driving in the chase.



She said someone who looks exactly like her must've stolen the car and gotten into a chase with the cops.  And, she said, it happens to her all the time . . . people always get her mixed up with other women.



For some reason, the cops didn't buy her doppelganger car thief theory . . . and Dianna was arrested and charged with attempting to flee and driving with a suspended license.  She could get up to three-and-a-half years in prison. 

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