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There might not be ANYTHING that siblings take more seriously than who gets to ride shotgun.



There's a 27-year-old guy named Bret Brezenski from Blakely, Pennsylvania.  And last week, he and his girlfriend were picking up his 20-year-old sister Brianna Brezenski from work.



Well . . . she got into an argument with her brother about who was going to get to sit in the front seat, her or his girlfriend.



And it got SERIOUS . . . to the point where they started physically fighting.  And when the cops showed up, Bret took off and got into a high-speed chase . . . with his girlfriend hanging out of the window of the car.



When Bret finally stopped because of a traffic jam, he and his sister both got out and attacked the cops.



They were both arrested and charged with assault and resisting arrest.  Bret's girlfriend wasn't charged . . . the cops say she was a victim and she's filed a restraining order against the whole Brezenski family. 



(ABC 16 - Scranton)

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