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Is it possible this guy got dressed in the morning INTENTIONALLY trying to be ironic?



There's a 38-year-old guy named David Rasmussen in Oklahoma City.  And he and a friend were busted on Tuesday trying to steal an ATV from someone's home.



And David was wearing a shirt that said . . . "Ain't nothin' illegal 'til you get caught."



Since he DID get caught, he was arrested . . . and when the cops searched his property, they found out he'd stolen a lot more stuff, too.  Which, based on his shirt, was now officially illegal since he'd been caught.



He was charged with six counts of possession of stolen property, second-degree burglary, engaging in a pattern of criminal behavior, and more.



And it turned out the guy he was stealing the ATV with was a wanted fugitive from Texas . . . so he was also hit with a ton of charges. 



(NBC 4 - Oklahoma City



(Here's a picture of David in his t-shirt.)

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