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You might want to have your next Uber pick you up a block away from your home.  Because I guess THIS is something we have to worry about now . . .



An Uber driver in San Francisco picked someone up and took them to the airport last Thursday.  Then after he dropped them off, he went back . . . and tried to break into their HOUSE.



They had a doorbell cam that triggered an alarm when it detected him moving around.  So he didn't get in.



But then he went to a neighbor's home down the street and DID get inside.  He trashed the place and stole a bunch of stuff, including family heirlooms that date back to the Holocaust.



Another doorbell cam got him on camera again.  And one of the cameras got a clear shot of his license plate.  So cops tracked him down and recovered some of the stuff he stole.  It's not clear if they got the heirlooms back or not though.



The Uber driver's name is Jackie Wilson.  Uber fired him, and he's now facing burglary charges. 



(CBS San Francisco / Global News)


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