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We've heard of people driving into lakes and rivers because their GPS told them to.  But this is a new one . . .



A guy in Canada was in the middle of driving from Montreal to Calgary on Wednesday. His name is Constantine Xethalis.  (Pronounced ZETH-uh-liss.)



And one of his passengers was using the GPS on their phone to navigate.  But it sent them way off course, and they ended up at a U.S. border crossing in Michigan.



Which was a problem . . . because they had about 10 pounds of METH in their car.  It was in pill form, not crystal meth.



Constantine claims he didn't know it was drugs.  He says someone told him to transport "something" for them as a way for him to pay off a $2,000 gambling debt.  But he didn't know it was meth.



He was also supposed to pick two people up in Toronto on his way there.  It's not clear if they're in trouble too, but he's facing charges for possession with intent to distribute.



It's actually kind of amazing how far off course they were.  From Toronto, they should have started out going north.  But they went south, and drove the wrong way for about four hours. 



(CTV News)



(Here's a photo of the pills that were confiscated.)




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