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I wish EVERY attempted kidnapping could turn out like this.



On Thursday night, a 46-year-old guy named August Williams tried to kidnap a woman at a strip mall in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He tried to force her into his car, but she ran away, and he followed her.



And the woman ran . . . right into a karate studio.



The studio's head instructor is a guy named Randall Ephraim, and he was cleaning up inside when the woman ran in and told him a guy was trying to kidnap her.



So when August came inside, Randall told him to leave . . . but August started SWINGING at him.



And you can probably imagine what happened next:  Randall DESTROYED him, and August had to be taken out on a stretcher.



He's facing multiple charges for kidnapping, assault, and more. 



(ABC 9 - Charlotte / Charlotte Observer



(Here's his mugshot.)




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