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 Here's the problem with giving your kid a "fun" name.  As soon as they do anything remotely dumb, they make national news . . .



A 21-year-old guy in Johnson City, Tennessee was arrested last Thursday for violating his probation.  (Johnson City is in the northeast corner of the state, about 100 miles northeast of Knoxville.)



His name is Luke Walker.  And his parents must be EPIC-level nerds, because his middle name is "Sky" . . . so his full name is Luke Sky Walker.



It's not clear what he did to violate his probation.  But he originally got arrested last year after he and his friends were caught stealing road signs.



When cops searched their car, they found 46 different signs they'd stolen.  But he didn't make the news back then, because they didn't release his middle name.



Last we heard, he was being held without bond and was still in jail.  (WJHL)



What makes this even better is Mark Hamill heard about it and Tweeted a response.  



He wrote, "The real crime here is Mr. & Mrs. Walker saddling this poor guy with that name in the first place."  He also included the hashtag #AlsoTooShortForAStormtrooper, since Tennessee Luke only measures up to be 5'6" in his mugshot.



Mark Hamill ?@HamillHimself

The real crime here is Mr. & Mrs. Walker saddling this poor guy with that name in the first place. 


3:21 AM - Dec 2, 2018

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Luke Sky Walker lands in jail after arrest in Tennessee

The Force was not with a man named Luke Sky Walker when he was arrested this week by Tennessee police, according to a report.

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