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There was a school shooting yesterday.  You might not have heard, because they don't always hit the top of the news cycle anymore.  And apparently, even the schools just consider them normal occurrences now.



A 16-year-old male student was shot and killed by another 16-year-old student at Butler High School in Matthews, North Carolina yesterday morning.  The victim wound up dying at the hospital.



And the school was so unfazed by it that THEY DIDN'T EVEN CANCEL CLASSES.



The school went into lockdown for a little bit, the shooter was arrested . . . and then they told the students they could get picked up . . . or they could keep going with the school day.



The reactions on social media were what you'd expect.  One person wrote, quote, "This decision is normalizing carnage in our schools.  We are failing a generation of children." 




Ignore the shooting and dead classmate. Make your way to 3rd period.

This decision is normalizing carnage in our schools. We are failing a generation of children.

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UPDATE: Classes will remain in session at Butler High School after shooting.

11:30 AM - Oct 29, 2018

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