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This woman on is definitely one you'd throw back. 



20-year-old Avalone Fishback lives in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  And she recently went on the Plenty of Fish dating app after her boyfriend dumped her.  (Could her name be any more perfect?)



But she wasn't just looking for someone to replace him . . . she was looking for someone to KILL him.



She started chatting with two different guys and tried to hire them as HIT MEN.  She made offers to at least four men total, including two on Plenty of Fish, one guy on Snapchat, and a fourth guy who says she offered him $600 to do it.



One of the Plenty of Fish guys actually AGREED to do it for $1,000.  But she backed out when he said he was already facing charges for something else.  So she probably thought he had too much heat on him.



Luckily, the other guy she met on Plenty of Fish went to the cops.  And she's now facing charges for first-degree solicitation of murder. 






(Here's her mugshot.)

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