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If this had happened on Halloween, it might make sense because of all the costumes.  Instead, it's just the ramblings of a drugged-up idiot . . .



A guy in West Monroe, Louisiana named Michael Auttonberry called the cops the other day and claimed someone attacked him with an AXE.



He said they "stabbed" him in the head with it.  But when cops got to his house, he wasn't hurt.  And he was yelling at people who weren't actually there.



He claimed a burglar attacked him.  So they searched the place, but didn't find any signs of a break-in.



They did spot a small bag of METH sitting on his nightstand though.  And when they asked him about it, he said a GHOST must have planted it.



He's facing charges for possession of a controlled substance and filing a false report.






(Here's his mugshot.)

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