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 There aren't many situations you can wind up in that are WORSE than being in jail.  This guy found one of 'em.



A guy named John Wilson and a friend stole several hundred dollars worth of alcohol from a grocery store in Campbellsport, Wisconsin last week.



The cops started chasing them, and John got out and ran.  And he actually got away . . . until about an hour later, when he surrendered.



Why'd he give himself up?  Because there were so many MOSQUITOES swarming in the area that he couldn't take it anymore.



And he wasn't kidding.  When the cops cuffed him, about 20 mosquitoes swarmed onto his forehead and he asked the cops to wipe them away.



He was charged with fleeing, theft, and obstructing an officer.  The cops are still trying to track down his buddy. 



(CBS 58 - Milwaukee)

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