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Anytime you see a cop and PANIC, your chances of doing something dumb skyrocket . . .



A guy in China was driving down the highway last Thursday when he saw a DUI checkpoint up ahead.  And he was worried he'd fail a breathalyzer, so he BAILED.



He parked his van on the side of the road . . . left it there . . . and tried to get away by jumping off an OVERPASS.



He ended up breaking his leg, and cops got him to a hospital.  But the dumbest part is he WASN'T EVEN DRUNK.



He said he'd been drinking the night before, and was worried there might still be alcohol in his system.  But when they tested him at the hospital, he was completely sober.



To be fair, China has pretty strict DUI laws, and a blood alcohol level of 0.02% can get your license revoked.  But the test showed he had NO alcohol in his system.



It's not clear if he's facing any charges for fleeing police or not. 




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