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Now THIS is how you take advantage of a discount.



There's a restaurant called the Montana Club in Missoula, Montana.  And they have a deal where if you eat there on your birthday, you get your age as a percent-off discount.  So if you're turning 29, you'd get 29% off.



And that discount has worked out GREAT for a woman named Helen Self.  She just turned 109 . . . so when she went to the restaurant, she didn't just get her meal free, she also got 9% of the cost back in cash.



She's actually been going there for her birthday every year since she turned 100.



And the owner says that even though she found a hell of a loophole on the discount, he's happy to take care of her every year. 



(ABC 23 - Missoula



(Here's a picture of her at the restaurant.)

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