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FULL STORY:  I'm not sure there's a crappier way to get busted for a crime than this.  That's a high-quality pun, by they way, which will make sense in just a second.



The cops in Stearns County, Minnesota got a call last week about a burglary at a farm.  And when they got there, they found the burglar, 29-year-old Matthew Bloomquist, hadn't gotten very far . . . in fact, his pickup truck was still on the property.



Why?  Because when he tried to drive away with a bunch of stolen lumber, he accidentally got stuck . . . in a giant pile of MANURE.



And it gets worse.  Apparently he tried to run away, but he sunk waist-deep into the manure, and his shoes CAME OFF in the pile.



That's the point when he gave up, so when the cops got there, they found him standing next to the pile, barefoot, covered in manure up to his waist, smoking a cigarette.  He was arrested for burglary and possession of stolen property.



Unfortunately for the cops, even though they hosed him off before they threw him in jail, they say their police station STILL reeks today . . . even though they've kept the windows open and sprayed a ton of Febreze. 



(Twin Cities Pioneer Press)



(Here's Matthew's mugshot and a picture of his truck stuck in the manure.)



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