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It's not a crime to like hospital food.  But anyone who likes it this much deserves to be in jail . . .



Someone at a convenience store in Kentucky called 911 last Friday after a 35-year-old idiot named Kenneth Couch claimed he was having a heart attack.



But it turned out he was fine.  He just wanted a free ride to the hospital, so he could hit up their CAFETERIA.



When paramedics got him there, he hopped out of the ambulance and walked straight in to get some grub.



Police showed up and arrested him for making a false report.  They also charged him in connection with a stolen gun he apparently took from someone's house.  And he also had an active warrant out for writing bad checks.



So it looks like he'll be heading to jail for a while.  But I guess the silver lining is Ken's discerning palate now gets to give prison food a go.






(Here's his mugshot.)


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