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Call me old-fashioned, but I miss the days when women used to try to break their boyfriends out of jail by baking them a cake and hiding a file inside.  I also miss bank robbers using bags with dollar signs on them, but that's not important here.



There's a 23-year-old guy named Nicholas Lowe, and he was arrested last month in Fayetteville, Arkansas for a criminal impersonation warrant he was facing in Ventura, California.  But he came up with one hell of a scheme to get out.



Two days after he was arrested, he talked his 30-year-old girlfriend Maxine Feldstein into calling the jail pretending to be a deputy from California . . . and she even sent them forged paperwork saying to release Nicholas.



The reason she gave is their jails were overcrowded, so they were dropping, quote, "low-priority extraditions."



And somehow the scheme WORKED, and Nicholas was released.  But a few days later, the ACTUAL deputies from Ventura County called to arrange a pickup for Nicholas . . . and they figured out what happened.



The cops tracked down Nicholas and Maxine last week.  They were still in Arkansas, and were both arrested on several charges. 



(Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette



(Here are their mugshots.)

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