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Today we've got the story of a 28-year-old guy named Sean Kelley from Spokane Valley, Washington who will appreciate the irony of what happened to him one day.  One day.



Last month, Sean was speeding when a cop tried to pull him over.  Sean wouldn't stop, and after a quick chase, he quickly pulled into a parking lot and ran into a sports bar.



The cops went in there to look for him, and someone pointed him out.  He gave them his info, including his name and his phone number, but he SWORE he wasn't driving . . . he said he'd been in the bar all night.



The cops noticed there was a phone on the driver's seat of the car they'd been chasing.  So, just as a test, they called the number Sean gave them.  And that phone started ringing.



But it gets even better.  Sean had a custom ringtone . . . "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle, which everyone knows as the theme song from the TV show "COPS".



Sean was arrested for attempting to elude a police vehicle, obstruction, and driving with a suspended license. 



(NBC 6 - Spokane)

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