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 We don't know if this guy's excuse was true or not.  But if you've ever been in this situation, you don't always think straight . . .



Cops in Yakima, Washington saw a 32-year-old guy named Marlowe Olney blow through a stop sign last Wednesday.  And they tried to pull him over, but he wouldn't stop.  (Yakima is about 150 miles southeast of Seattle.)



So it turned into a high-speed chase in the middle of a residential area.  And he refused to slow down until he finally lost control and CRASHED into an abandoned house.



After that, he took off on foot, but they caught up to him.  And when they asked why he ran, he said he didn't have a choice . . . because he was in the middle of an emergency BATHROOM situation.  In other words, he really needed to poop.



Obviously a bathroom emergency doesn't qualify as a REAL emergency.  So he also claimed he couldn't stop because his car didn't have brakes.



The cops didn't buy it though, and they arrested him.



No word on how long he had to wait before he finally got to use a bathroom. 




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