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 I figured if you prank call 911 three or four times you'll probably wind up getting in trouble.  Apparently some police departments give you WAY, WAY more leeway.



There's a 62-year-old guy in the Atlanta area named William Baccus.  And he's called 911 at least 118 TIMES over the past three years . . . with exactly ZERO real emergencies.



One time he called and asked them to bring him a glass of milk.  One time it was because he couldn't find his cell phone.  One time it was because he lost his TV remote.



And the cops or fire department have gone to his house EVERY single time . . . and he never answers the door.



So they finally just put out a warrant for his arrest for abusing the 911 system.  And oddly enough, now he refuses to get in touch with them. 



(ABC 2 - Atlanta)



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