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This guy was just one shower away from the PERFECT CRIME . . . but it turns out that was just too much to ask.



A 35-year-old guy named Barry O'Pray broke into a guy named Ryan Boyd's apartment in Paisley, Scotland earlier this year.  Barry stole Ryan's PlayStation 4, his Nintendo Switch, and a bunch of games worth about $1,300.



And when Ryan got home and found that he'd been robbed, he noticed a very STRONG and AWFUL smell in his house.  It was the smell of horrible body odor.



But Ryan had smelled it before . . . earlier that morning, when he walked past a guy sitting on a bench near his apartment.  And yeah, that guy was Barry.



He passed that info along to the cops, and they were able to track down Barry. 



He was arrested for burglary, and last week, he was in court and pled guilty. 

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