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 This is one of those moments that HAS to make someone re-evaluate what their life has become.



There's a 26-year-old woman named Angelique Sanchez from Aurora, Colorado, and she was trying to get a job at a health clinic last week.  She needed to take a drug test for the job . . . and apparently, Angelique knew she'd fail.



So . . . she got her hands on someone else's pee.  But she knew it had to be WARM or the testers would know she'd smuggled it in . . . so she took it to a 7-Eleven before her test to heat it up in their microwave.



And . . . it EXPLODED.



So Angelique bolted, and the 7-Eleven clerk found a bunch of yellow liquid dripping from the microwave.  He realized what it was and called the cops . . . and they tracked Angelique down at her job interview down the street.



She's facing one count of damaging property . . . and, spoiler alert, now that the health clinic knows about this story she's PROBABLY not getting that job. 



(NBC 9 - Denver





(Here's her mugshot.)



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