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This isn't the first guy to forget his anniversary and have to scramble to make something happen.  It just doesn't sound like he scrambled hard enough . . . and his wife might be a crazy person.



A 41-year-old near Tampa named Ronnie Alexander woke up last Wednesday, and immediately got in a fight with his wife Carol because he forgot it was their wedding anniversary.



Luckily he had to go to work.  Which gave him a chance to plan something for LATER in the day.



But when he got home from work, he showed up with a SINGLE ROSE.  And he said he was GOING to book a hotel somewhere for the weekend.  But it doesn't sound like he'd actually booked anything yet.



Shortly after that, Carol LOST IT . . . hit him multiple times . . . and he ended up with scratches on his neck and chest.



When police questioned her, she admitted that she, quote, "flipped the [S-word] out" on him.  She's facing charges for misdemeanor domestic battery.



(The Smoking Gun)

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