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A Guy with a Knife Tries to Rob a Store, but the Cashier Pulls Out a Bigger Knife and Locks Him Inside

Some guy walked into a gas station in Huntsville, Alabama with KNIFE on Saturday and tried to rob the place.



But the cashier pulled out a MACHETE . . . and pushed a button to auto-lock the front doors.  So they were locked inside together.  And it was ON.



There's security footage of them getting in a knife fight while the cashier called the cops.  But neither of them landed any serious shots.  







The robber was 32-year-old Seth Holcomb.  And he eventually broke down the doors to get out.  But then the cashier chased him outside . . . and started attacking his CAR with the machete.



He broke out at least one of the headlights . . . smashed the windshield . . . and slashed one of the tires.  He also got into it with the guy's girlfriend, who also had a knife.



They eventually drove off, but cops pulled them over nearby.  Both Seth and his girlfriend are facing several charges and could get LIFE in prison. 






(Here are their mugshots.)




Charlie Brown and Elvis Presley Are Both Facing Charges

Last week was a tough one for criminals with famous names.  And we're not talking about Felicity Huffman.



A guy named CHARLIE BROWN was arrested in Cleveland on Friday during a drug raid.



Police found drugs along with three guns, and also confiscated a four-foot ALLIGATOR he was keeping as a pet.  He's facing drug trafficking charges.



Meanwhile in the U.K., an Irish guy named ELVIS PRESLEY was in court facing assault charges after threatening someone with a knife and punching them back in January.



It's not clear if the Charlie Brown guy's parents were big "Peanuts" fans or not.  But we know the other guy's parents were Elvis fans, because he even has the same middle name.  Elvis Aaron Presley.  He's due back in court in July.




A Guy's GPS Led Him to a Border Crossing with Ten Pounds of Meth in His Car

We've heard of people driving into lakes and rivers because their GPS told them to.  But this is a new one . . .



A guy in Canada was in the middle of driving from Montreal to Calgary on Wednesday. His name is Constantine Xethalis.  (Pronounced ZETH-uh-liss.)



And one of his passengers was using the GPS on their phone to navigate.  But it sent them way off course, and they ended up at a U.S. border crossing in Michigan.



Which was a problem . . . because they had about 10 pounds of METH in their car.  It was in pill form, not crystal meth.



Constantine claims he didn't know it was drugs.  He says someone told him to transport "something" for them as a way for him to pay off a $2,000 gambling debt.  But he didn't know it was meth.



He was also supposed to pick two people up in Toronto on his way there.  It's not clear if they're in trouble too, but he's facing charges for possession with intent to distribute.



It's actually kind of amazing how far off course they were.  From Toronto, they should have started out going north.  But they went south, and drove the wrong way for about four hours. 



(CTV News)



(Here's a photo of the pills that were confiscated.)




A Crazy Taco Bell Customer Jumps in a Woman's Car and Drives Straight Into a Light Pole

The level of insanity that happens in fast food drive-thrus never ceases to amaze me:  A 22-year-old woman in Omaha got rear-ended in a Taco Bell drive-thru just before 2:00 A.M. on Monday.  Then the guy who hit her denied doing it.



It's not clear if he bumped her to make her order faster, or if it was just an accident.  But she threatened to call the cops.  And that's when he went nuts.



She started filming, so he got out of his car, grabbed the phone from her hand, and threw it in the snow.  Then he got back in his car . . . hit the gas . . . and started PUSHING her SUV through the drive-thru lane.



And that's not even the craziest part.  He got out of his car again . . . jumped into HER car . . . and drove it straight into a LIGHT POLE.



Apparently the guy's girlfriend was also there, and tried to punch the woman as well.  But an employee managed to block the punch and separated them.



The couple was gone by the time police got there.  But the woman did get their license plate number.  Last we heard, cops were still looking for them. 



(Omaha World-Herald)

A Drunk Driver Claimed Ryan Reynolds from "Deadpool" Was Driving

I guess when you've been caught drunk driving this many times, you start running out of excuses . . .



A 45-year-old guy in Wausau, Wisconsin named Brandon Ingram wrecked his car last Thursday night.



His blood alcohol level was about twice the legal limit, and this is at least the SEVENTH time he's been caught driving drunk.



Anyway, when the cops arrested him, he admitted he was drunk.  But he tried to claim he wasn't the one driving, and said that the real driver was . . .  RYAN REYNOLDS from the "Deadpool" movies.



He's facing a fine of up to $25,000.  And because he's a repeat offender, he's looking at up to 12-and-a-half years in prison. 






(Here's his mugshot.)




A Woman Shot Her Boyfriend for Snoring Too Loudly

This happened BEFORE Daylight Saving Time started, so this woman can't use that as an excuse . . .



47-year-old Lorie Morin of Cocoa, Florida is facing attempted murder charges after she shot her boyfriend last Wednesday for SNORING too loudly.



His name is Brett Allgood, and they just started dating last month.  They'd already been arguing about him snoring after she elbowed him in his sleep the night before. 



So on Wednesday, he showed up to her place with a bottle of rum, flowers, some candy, and a box of Breathe Right snoring strips.  So it sounds like he was trying to be nice.  But once they got into the bottle of rum, things went south again.



He eventually got sick of arguing and said he was leaving.  Then on his way out, he heard a bang . . . passed out . . . and when he came to, he was lying in a pool of blood.



It turned out Lorie shot in him the armpit with a SHOTGUN.  Luckily he survived, and he's in stable condition.



She claims it was an accident, and she didn't mean to pull the trigger. 



(WFTV / Fox35 / Heavy)



(Here's her mugshot and a photo of them together.)




A Woman Reports a Fake Murder . . . to Get a Faster Response for a Car Blocking Her Driveway

Patience is a virtue that's not nearly as common as it used to be.  And it's not just an issue here.  It's worldwide . . .



A woman in Germany called the cops yesterday and said her husband had been MURDERED.  But when they showed up to the scene, he was fine.



It turned out she just claimed he'd been murdered . . . because she thought they'd show up faster and tow a car that was blocking her driveway.



She was drunk at the time, and tried to get into her car and drive away.  But they stopped her.  (It's not clear if the other car was gone by that point or what.)



She's facing a large fine and possible criminal charges for misusing an emergency number.



(ABC News)

A Frustrated Guy Threw Molotov Cocktails at His Own Car When He Couldn't Get It Out of Impound

A 27-year-old guy in Orlando had been trying to get his Nissan Altima out of an impound lot for about a month after it got towed.



But when he finally went to get it back on Saturday, the owner of the lot was out grabbing food and had his keys.  So he had to wait a little longer.



But apparently he was fed up by that point.  Because instead of waiting, he started throwing MOLOTOV COCKTAILS at his own car.



He threw at least three of them over a fence, and set the trunk of his car on fire.  And while he was doing it . . . the owner of the lot showed up with his keys.



The lot owner's name is Darnell Adams.  He says he's not sure what the guy was thinking, because he'd already paid almost $300 to get his car out.  So he could have left with his not-burned car if he'd just been a little more patient.



The guy's name is Ayub Abdulrahman.  (Pronounced Ah-yube Ab-dool-rah-MAHN.)  He's facing charges for arson and building a fire bomb. 






(Here's his mugshot.)




A Kid Spiked His Stepdad's Energy Drinks with Cow Tranquilizers

A lot of kids have trouble bonding with their stepparents.  But it usually goes a little better than this . . .



A teenager in eastern Wisconsin is facing charges after he repeatedly spiked his stepfather's energy drinks with COW TRANQUILIZERS.



The kid's name is Tyler Rabenhorst-Malone.  He's either 16 or 17, depending which news source you believe.  And his stepdad is a dairy farmer.  So that's why they had tranquilizers sitting around. 



Early last year, Tyler started squirting the liquid tranquilizer in his stepdad's energy drinks.  The first time he did it, his stepdad started stumbling around, slurring his speech, and had trouble breathing.



It was so scary, he went to the hospital.  But doctors told him it was probably from stress . . . a lack of sleep . . . and from having too many energy drinks.



His symptoms came back a few months later though.  Then he found two used syringes in the corner of a barn, and realized Tyler had been poisoning him.



Tyler says he thought it was "funny," and was never trying to hurt his stepdad.  But he's on the hook for two felonies, and he'll be in court later this month. 



(The Smoking Gun / ABC7)



(Here's his mugshot.)




An Unemployed Millennial Assaults Her Mom with a Phone for Not Driving Her to Yoga Class

This story is peak millennial:  An unemployed 30-year-old woman in Maryland who still lives with her parents is facing second-degree assault charges . . . after she threw a phone at her mom's head for refusing to drive her to a yoga class.



Her name is Holly Anne Albert, and it happened a year-and-a-half ago.  But she just got arrested last month.



According to police, Holly flipped out when her mom refused to drive her to yoga . . . started screaming insults at her . . . then picked up a phone and chucked it at the back of her mom's head, which opened up a large gash.



Her mom used the phone to call 911.  And her shirt and hair were covered in blood when police showed up.



Holly fled the scene, and it's not clear why she wasn't arrested until now.  But she's due back in court later this month.



Her parents are hoping they go easy on her.  They wrote the court a letter that said she still lives with them . . . they don't fear for their safety . . . and she hasn't had any outbursts since. 






(Here's her mugshot.)



Kevin Lewis?@ABC7Kevin

NEW: An unemployed millennial's accused of throwing a house phone at her mother's head after mom wouldn't drive her to yoga class.

30yo Holly Albert - who lives at her parents' Potomac, Md. home - is charged with 2nd degree assault.

Albert's mother suffered a bloody head wound.


2:28 PM - Mar 1, 2019

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A Thief Steals a Sled to Transport Other Stuff He Stole, and the Tracks Lead Cops Straight to His House

The first day of spring is three weeks out.  So this might be the last one of these stories we see for a while . . .



A 28-year-old guy named Matthew McClure broke into someone's garage in Erie, Pennsylvania on Monday, and stole a bunch of stuff.



He got his hands on some hunting gear, tools, and other various items.  But all that stuff was pretty heavy, and he didn't want to make multiple trips.



So he also stole a SLED from the garage to transport the stuff . . . and the tracks he left in the snow led cops straight to his house, less than two blocks away.



He's facing multiple felonies for burglary, criminal trespass, theft, and receiving stolen property.



Turns out he was also arrested back in October for two other thefts in the same neighborhood.  So he's facing a parole violation as well.




A Fight Over Buffet Crab Legs Turns into a Swordfight with Tongs

 Nothing like going to a buffet for dinner and seeing a JOUST break out.



A woman named Chequita Jenkins was at a buffet restaurant in Huntsville, Alabama last Friday night, and she was waiting for them to bring out more of the most important item at any buffet:  CRAB LEGS.



Another guy named John Chapman was also waiting for the crab legs.  And when the staff finally brought some out after a 10-minute wait, John and Chequita got into an argument over who cut in line.



It quickly turned into a SWORDFIGHT . . . where they fenced with TONGS from the buffet.  And from there, they started breaking plates.



There was an off-duty cop eating at the restaurant at the time, and he broke up the fight.  Chequita was charged with assault, for starting the fight . . . and John was charged with disorderly conduct. 



(CBS 19 - Huntsville)



(Here are their mugshots . . . TRULY the mugshots of two people who can't believe why they just got arrested.)




A Man Steals $33,000 in Rare Coins . . . and Cashes Them in for Face Value at a Coinstar Machine

How dumb do you have to be to steal a rare coin collection . . . then say something like, "Hey, look at this quarter from 1843.  Just 50 more of these and I can buy myself some Miller High Life"?



There's a 40-year-old guy named Shane Mele from Riviera Beach, Florida.



And back in December, he broke into his boss's office, and stole the guy's rare coin collection.  It was worth about $33,000.



Then Shane took the coins to a Coinstar machine . . . and cashed them in at FACE VALUE.  And he got enough store credit to buy two 12-packs of beer.  So yeah, he turned $33,000 in coins into roughly $30.



He was just arrested for grand theft.  But unfortunately, the cops haven't been able to recover the missing coins. 



(Palm Beach Post



(Here's his mugshot.)




Cops Pose as Pizza Delivery Guys to Catch Someone Who'd Ripped Off the Pizza Place Before

Once you RIP OFF a restaurant, you need to move on to other restaurants . . .



There's a 35-year-old guy named Raymond Prideaux from Racine, Wisconsin.  And on Wednesday, he ordered delivery from a pizza place.



Well . . . they recognized his name and address, because apparently he'd used FAKE $20 bills to pay them in the past.  So they called the cops.



And the cops went to Raymond's house posing as pizza delivery guys . . . so when he opened the door to get his pizza, they arrested him.  He fought back, so they wound up tasing him.



He's facing charges for obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct. 



(Racine Journal Times)

A Guy with No Arms Stabs His Dad by Holding Scissors Between His Toes

We've got a story here and, on one hand, it's a hell of a statement that disabled people can do anything if they put their mind to it.  On the other hand, well . . .



There's a 23-year-old guy named Rory O'Connor in Cardiff, Wales.  He was born without arms.  And he was just in court facing charges for . . . STABBING his dad.



They had an argument back in November, and it got physical.  Rory's dad apparently poked him with a vacuum cleaner tube, and Rory responding by picking up scissors between his toes and stabbing his dad in the stomach.



His dad needed major surgery, but still defended his son in court.  He said his son has had a hard life, you know, with not having arms and all . . . and he didn't want the incident to ruin his son's life.



The judge must have been sympathetic, because he sentenced Rory to 12 months of community service and rehab. 



(Manchester Evening News

A Woman Is Busted for Stealing from Her Job at 7-Eleven . . . On Her First Day

You can't start figuring out ways to RIP OFF the company you work for before you've even taken your first lunch break.



There's a 47-year-old woman named Joan Adamson from West Valley City, Utah.  And last month, she was hired to work as a cashier at a 7-Eleven.



Well . . . during her first shift, she stole pre-paid credit cards worth more than $4,500.  During her second shift, she took $5,000 worth of money orders. 



And then, when it came time for her third shift . . . she just walked out and left the store open and unattended.



But since it's Utah, customers who showed up to the store politely called the cops to report that there wasn't anyone working.



Joan was arrested two days later after a police chase, which included her trying to RUN OVER a cop.



She just pleaded guilty to forgery, theft, and failure to stop at the command of an officer.  She'll be sentenced in April. 



(NBC 5 - Salt Lake City)


A Guy Is Arrested for Public Intoxication After He Tipped $22,000 at a Bar

I would've guessed that instead of getting drunk and belligerent, it'd be better to get drunk and INSANELY GENEROUS.  Apparently not.



A guy named Joel Boyers was at a bar in downtown Nashville, Tennessee on Monday.  And he was so drunk that he kept giving the servers HUGE TIPS.



Over the course of his time there, he tipped $22,000.



But . . . he'd also been texting his friends strange stuff, about how he'd taken drugs that, quote, "increased his intelligence" and he was carrying a gun.  They were worried, so they called the cops.



And when the cops got there, the managers at the bar said Joel was causing a disruption . . . because his giant tips were making the servers fight over who'd get to serve him.



So he was arrested for public intoxication and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.  I guess next time he should tip less and not talk to his friends. 



(The Tennessean



(Here's his mugshot.)




A Burglar Gets Arrested When He Thinks an Unmarked Cop Car Is His Lyft

Well this idiot made it easy on the cops . . .



28-year-old Nicholas Maziot broke into a house in New Jersey last Thursday and thought no one was home.



But the couple who lived there woke up and called the cops . . . and he bolted.  He had to climb through an upstairs window and jump off the roof to get away.



Then Nicholas decided to order a Lyft to use as his getaway car.  And here's where he really screwed up . . .



Instead of checking to see what kind of car his Lyft driver was in, he just jumped into the first car that pulled up . . . which turned out to be an unmarked POLICE CAR.  So he immediately got arrested.



He's facing multiple charges for burglary, criminal mischief, attempted theft, possession of burglary tools, and trespassing. 






(Here's his mugshot.)




An Inmate Used His Car Theft Skills to Save a Baby from a Locked SUV

This isn't USUALLY the type of skill you want inmates working on while they're in jail . . .



A couple locked their keys in their SUV outside a courthouse in New Port Richey, Florida last Thursday, near Tampa.  And their one-year-old daughter was inside.



There were a bunch of cops around.  And they could have broken a window if they'd really needed to.  So she was never in any real danger.



But apparently none of the cops had a slim jim to get the doors open.  Or they couldn't reach the automatic door-lock button with one.



But five prison inmates were on work release nearby, fixing a median in the road.  And one of them just happened to have some experience breaking into cars.



Another person in the parking lot had a coat hanger in their car.  And the inmate was able to use it to get the doors open while the cops stood there and supervised.  So yes, he got permission first.



In the end, the little girl was only locked inside for about five minutes.  And her mom got the whole thing on video. 




Some Idiot Set His Mom's House on Fire Over an Argument About Cheez-Its

A Guy with Three Wives Is Going to Jail for Polygamy . . . and When He Gets Out, He Says He'll Stick with Whichever One Forgives Him

I'm not sure why anyone would want a life as COMPLICATED as this guy.  Just TALKING about it makes me exhausted.



There's a 36-year-old guy who's only been identified as Zhang in Kunshan, China, which is in the eastern part of the country just outside Shanghai.  And between 2015 and 2017, he got married to THREE different women and had at least one kid with each of them.



None of them knew about each other . . . even after Zhang moved all three into apartments less than a MILE apart so it would be easier to hop back and forth.



Apparently he runs a successful real estate business, so he could afford to support all three families . . . and explain being away for long stretches by saying he was going on business trips.



Anyway, one of his wives finally caught him last year and reported him to the police.  And apparently all three women were shocked . . . they all said he was a really good husband, and one even said he would always do the dishes after dinner.



Now he's going to jail for two years for polygamy.  And his plan afterward is to go down to just one wife.  Which one?  Quote, "I will see who can forgive me and I'll be with her." 





A Bank Robber Slips on Ice, Spills Money, Drops His Gun . . . and Lands in Front of a Cop

Even criminals in CARTOONS aren't this slapstick.



A 37-year-old guy named Jason Mackenrodt robbed a bank at gunpoint in Waterville, Maine on Tuesday morning.  And then he ran away.



But as he ran through the parking lot of a Chinese restaurant across the street, he slipped on some ice.  Which made his gun fall out of his pocket . . . and a bunch of the cash he stole flew into the air.



And . . . it turned out he'd fallen and slid right in front of a police officer who randomly happened to be parked there at the time.



So Jason was arrested for robbery. 



(Portland Press Herald



(Here's his mugshot.)




A Guy Celebrates His 66th Birthday by Smashing Into and Mooning Other Drivers

 Who says your birthdays have to get less wild once you're older?



There's a guy in Moore, Utah named Dennis Butler . . . and he turned 66 on Friday.



And to celebrate, he got in his car . . . and started trying to ram into other people on the road.  Then he got out of his car and mooned everyone on the road.



Then he got back in his car and saw a cop.  So Dennis tried to ram head-on into him too . . . and when the cop swerved off the road to get out of the way, Dennis flipped him off.



The cop got into a high-speed chase with Dennis . . . which topped out at 100 miles-per-hour before Dennis got to his house and stopped.



He was arrested on several felony charges.



It's not clear if he was drunk or not, but he has plenty of drunk driving and reckless driving charges in his past. 



(NBC 5 - Salt Lake City)

A Guy Tried to Scam an Elderly Man . . . Who Happened to be the Former Head of the FBI and CIA

 This scammer picked the WRONG senior citizen to go after.  Maybe the WORST possible senior citizen to go after.



94-year-old William Webster of Washington D.C. and his wife, Lynda, got a call about four years ago from a man who threatened to set their house on fire or shoot them if they didn't pay him thousands of dollars.



What the guy didn't realize is . . . William is a LEGEND in law enforcement.  He's the only person who's ever been the director of the FBI and the director of the CIA.  He headed up the FBI from 1978 to 1987, and the CIA from 1987 to 1991.



So when he got the first scam call, he immediately called the FBI.  And when the guy kept calling, William and Lynda kept alerting the FBI . . . and Lynda even had an agent listen in on one of the calls.



The FBI traced the calls to a 29-year-old man in Jamaica named Keniel Thomas.  And when he flew to New York in 2017 to visit a friend, he was instantly arrested.



He's been in jail ever since, and he was just sentenced to six years in prison for trying to scam the Websters and successfully scamming several other elderly people.  He'll be deported to Jamaica when his sentence is over. 




A Woman Turns a Guy's Lost Wallet in to the Cops . . . and They Find Drugs Inside

I'm pretty sure this guy is just going to want good Samaritans to leave him alone from now on.



On Friday night, a guy was shopping at a store in North Olmsted, Ohio, and he accidentally left his wallet behind.



A woman found it and did the right thing:  She turned it over to the cops.



The cops opened it to find the guy's ID so they could reunite him with his wallet.  And they DID find his driver's license in there . . . but they also found his COCAINE and METH.



So they put out a Facebook post telling the guy to turn himself in . . . or else they'll head to his place to arrest him. 



(NBC 3 - Cleveland



(Here's a picture of the wallet and the drugs.)



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