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Someone Demanded an Airbnb Refund Because They Were Promised a Friendly Ghost, and the Ghost Was Mean

The CEO of Airbnb recently spoke at a conference and he shared the STRANGEST customer complaint he's ever heard.  And you know it's gotta be good, because you can imagine all the complaints they get.



He says a customer once called and demanded a full refund, quote, "Because the house is haunted and there's a ghost in the house."



But the ghost just being there wasn't why they wanted the refund.  No, they wanted a refund because the Airbnb listing promised the house was haunted by, quote, "a friendly ghost named Stanley" . . . but Stanley wasn't being friendly to these people.



Quote, "We know about Stanley, that's why we booked it.  But Stanley has been harassing us all night."



There's no word on whether Airbnb wound up giving the customers their refund or not. 



(New York Post)



A Guy Got Kicked Out of a Strip Club . . . So He Tried to Blow It Up?

This feels like JUST a little bit of an overreaction.



There's a 33-year-old guy named Nicholas Miller from Greenfield, Indiana.  And last week, he was at a strip club in Indianapolis . . . but they kicked him out for causing a disturbance.



And his response was . . . trying to blow the place up.



Security cameras caught him putting a gas can next to the building under a gas meter . . . tying a shirt around the spigot of the gas can . . . taking a few drags of a cigarette . . . and then flicking it at the gas can and running away.



Fortunately, the can didn't light . . . because if he'd actually blown up the strip club, there were about 40 to 50 people inside.



He was arrested for attempted arson and criminal recklessness. 



(CW 8 - Indianapolis



(Here's his mugshot.)

A Guy Caught Speeding Tells Police He Had to Rush Home . . . Because He Was Cheating on His Wife

If this idiot had just been as open and honest as this in his relationship, his life might be in slightly better shape . . .



52-year-old Jon Earl Pickard got pulled over near Tampa, Florida on Sunday night for driving over 90 miles an hour in a 55 zone.



And when the cop asked why he was speeding, he blurted out that he had to get home in a hurry . . . because he was out CHEATING ON HIS WIFE.



Apparently he thought the cop might give him a break for some reason.  But instead, they ordered him out of the car . . . searched him . . . and found a small bag of CRACK in his shirt pocket.



He also freely admitted that he bought the crack for $50.  So on top of the speeding ticket, he's facing one count of felony drug possession . . . and an upcoming divorce, we assume.



It's all public record now, so his wife knows where he was.  He's due in court early next month. 



(The Smoking Gun)



(Here's his mugshot.)

A Guy Shot His Lifelong Friend Over an Argument About a College Football Game

Never doubt the passion of southern football fans.  Especially ones living in . . . wait, Oregon?  That doesn't check out.



A 51-year-old guy named Christopher Honey from Bend, Oregon was watching Saturday's big Alabama-LSU game with his friend, a 40-year-old man visiting from Maine.  They were lifelong friends . . . but rooting for different teams.



Apparently, they got into an argument during the game.   And it got SO heated that the friend stormed out . . . and Christopher blasted him with a SHOTGUN as he was walking down the driveway.



The birdshot shell hit the guy in the head and neck, and he was taken to the hospital.  Fortunately, his injuries weren't life threatening.



Christopher was arrested for attempted murder, assault, unlawful use of a weapon, and menacing.



It's not clear who was rooting for Alabama and who was rooting for LSU. 



(NBC 21 - Bend / New York Post)



(Here's his mugshot.)

A Man Breaks Into an Apartment . . . Without Realizing the Guy Inside Fights with Medieval Combat Weapons

Of all the nerdy dudes' apartments you could break into, you picked THIS one.



A 33-year-old guy named Alex Rawls kicked in the door to an apartment in Oshtemo Township, Michigan last Wednesday night.  Apparently he used to date someone who lived there and, for whatever reason, he was on a rampage.



But he didn't expect what he found inside.  A 36-year-old guy named Ben Ball lives there, and he was just playing video games and watching "Rick and Morty" at the time.



And one of Ben's hobbies is medieval style-combat . . . he and his buddies make videos of themselves fighting, and he had plenty of weapons on hand.



So Ben grabbed a BATTLE AXE and chopped Alex in the chest with it.  They fought a little, and Alex ran off . . . a bloody mess.



The cops tracked the blood and arrested him, but he had to go to the hospital first.  He's been charged with first-degree home invasion and could get up to 20 years in prison. 



(NBC 8 - Grand Rapids)

A Guy Wearing a Shirt That Says "Ain't Nothin' Illegal 'Til You Get Caught" Gets Caught Doing Something Illegal

Is it possible this guy got dressed in the morning INTENTIONALLY trying to be ironic?



There's a 38-year-old guy named David Rasmussen in Oklahoma City.  And he and a friend were busted on Tuesday trying to steal an ATV from someone's home.



And David was wearing a shirt that said . . . "Ain't nothin' illegal 'til you get caught."



Since he DID get caught, he was arrested . . . and when the cops searched his property, they found out he'd stolen a lot more stuff, too.  Which, based on his shirt, was now officially illegal since he'd been caught.



He was charged with six counts of possession of stolen property, second-degree burglary, engaging in a pattern of criminal behavior, and more.



And it turned out the guy he was stealing the ATV with was a wanted fugitive from Texas . . . so he was also hit with a ton of charges. 



(NBC 4 - Oklahoma City



(Here's a picture of David in his t-shirt.)

A Guy Stole an Electric Walmart Shopping Cart . . . So He Wouldn't Get a DUI

It's hard to make rational decisions when you're this drunk, I guess.



There's a 32-year-old guy named Brice Williams from Denham Springs, Louisiana.  And he was arrested Sunday around midnight after he showed up at a bar . . . on an electric shopping cart from Walmart.



When the cops confronted him, he admitted he'd stolen the shopping cart from a Walmart about a half mile away.



Why?  He was drunk, and he was afraid he'd get a DUI if he drove his own car . . . so he figured it would be a better idea to steal the cart and drive that.



Well, it wasn't.  He was charged with unauthorized use of a moveable.  That crime is a felony and has a maximum sentence of up to a $5,000 fine and two years in prison.



A first offense of driving while intoxicated is a misdemeanor and has a maximum sentence of up to a $1,000 fine and six months in prison. 



(ABC 2 - Baton Rouge



(Here's his very blurry mugshot.)

A Guy Left His Five-Year-Old Daughter Alone at a Haunted House on Halloween

It's scary enough for a little kid to be left alone . . . without being left in the scariest place possible.



There's a 35-year-old guy named Charles Jones in Merritt Island, Florida.  And on Halloween, he took his five-year-old daughter to a haunted house . . . and then left her there.



She was alone at the haunted house for at least two-and-a-half hours before the police finally tracked down Charles.



He was arrested for child neglect. 



(The Smoking Gun



(Here's his mugshot.)

A Woman Is Busted Selling Fake Doctor's Notes to Kids Skipping School

Well here's an idea for a side hustle we've never heard of before.  Probably for a good reason.



There's a 52-year-old woman named Belinda Fondren in Evans, Louisiana.  And she was just busted for selling high school students fake doctor's notes . . . so they could skip school.



Apparently Belinda used to work for a doctor and she was forging the notes as if they came from him.  She was selling them for $20 each and apparently sold about 14 of them before the school got suspicious.



They noticed there was a big spike in kids getting notes from that doctor, so they called the doctor . . . and he said he'd never heard of any of the kids.



They eventually traced the notes to Belinda, and she was arrested for filing false public records.  She could get up to five years in prison. 



(Bastrop Daily Enterprise



(Here's her mugshot.)

A Guy Weaponized a Cat by Shaking It and Throwing It at a Cop's Face

This is animal abuse, and it's NOT okay.  But the visual is amazing . . .



A cop in Moscow recently showed up at an apartment complex after several people called in noise complaints.



Apparently a 59-year-old guy named Gennady Shcherbakov was the one causing the disturbance.



He was sitting at the foot of the stairs inside when police showed up, and refused to cooperate or answer any questions.  It turned out he'd been drinking.



Then out of nowhere, he grabbed a nearby cat . . . shook it for a second to make it angry . . . and threw it at the cop's FACE.  Yes, he WEAPONIZED a cat.



The cat latched on to the officer's face and sunk its claws in.  It's not clear how bad their injuries were, but apparently the cat is okay.



Police arrested the guy for use of violence against a public official.  He's facing up to five years in prison for it. 




A Road Raging Driver Pulled a Gun . . . On a Car Full of Undercover Cops

Go figure, pulling a GUN on someone because you were mad at how they were driving didn't turn out well.



A 31-year-old guy named Glenn Grays was driving in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday when he started ROAD RAGING and cut off another car.  And he was so mad that he even pointed his GUN out the window at that car.



But here's what he didn't realize:  The car was full of UNDERCOVER COPS.



So they pulled Glenn over and arrested him.



Glenn is a mailman and he was wearing his USPS uniform when he was arrested.  He's been charged with possession of a firearm and menacing. 



(New York Post)



(Here's a picture of Glenn in court.)

A Guy Who Claimed He Had Fried Chicken, Not Drugs, Was Busted Because His Fingers Weren't Greasy

Here's yet another crime foiled by the finger lickin' good properties of fried chicken.



The cops in Fort Pierce, Florida were trying to pull over a 26-year-old guy earlier this month after they saw him run a red light . . . and they noticed him throw a bag out of the window.



When he finally stopped, they asked him what was in the bag.  And he said it was a bunch of bones from the FRIED CHICKEN he was eating.



But the cops were suspicious . . . because they noticed he didn't have any GREASE on his fingers.



So they went searching for the bag, and found it was actually full of weed, not chicken bones. 



The guy was arrested on multiple charges. 



(Treasure Coast Palm)

A 56-Year-Old Guy Jumped a 12-Foot Wall Two Times During a Police Chase

If I were a cop, I would've been so impressed by this guy's athleticism I probably would've just let him go.  Which, among other reasons, is why I'd be a TERRIBLE cop.



A 56-year-old guy named Steven Anderson was running from the cops in Silver Spring, Maryland earlier this month after they caught him breaking into a house. 



And as he ran from them, he managed to scale and jump a 12-foot wall.  And then, when he found cops on the other side of the wall, he scaled the wall again and jumped back to the other side.  Again, he's 56.



Unfortunately for Steven, all of his gymnastics work was a waste . . . because the cops managed to grab him on his second dismount.



He's been charged with burglary and assault. 



(My MCP News



(Here's his mugshot.)

A Suspect Tries Hiding from the Cops in a Dumpster . . . Then Switches to a Port-a-Potty

Apparently this guy figured his best chance of getting away from the cops was to find the NASTIEST place possible to hide?



The cops in Elizabeth City, North Carolina were looking for a 36-year-old car thief named Johnathan Foskey on Thursday.  And his master plan was to hide from them . . . inside a DUMPSTER.



Someone called the cops to tell them they'd seen him in the dumpster.  But by the time cops got there, Johnathan had changed his hiding spot.  He'd moved on to a PORT-A-POTTY.  (In terms of disgusting hiding spots, was that an upgrade . . . or a downgrade?  Discuss.)



The cops found him in there too, and caught him after a brief chase.



He was hit with several charges. 



(CBS 3 - Norfolk



(Here's his mugshot.)

A Man Overthinks His Crime Prep and Winds Up Getting Busted Before He Can Commit His Robbery

Here's what happens when you OVERTHINK your crimes.



There's a 35-year-old guy named Luke Dell from Beavercreek, Ohio.  And on Tuesday, he had plans to rob a bank in Pennsylvania.  Big plans.  Complicated plans.  Here's the breakdown . . .



1.  He was going to steal a license plate from another car and put it on his.


2.  Put on a realistic old man mask.


3.  Go to a Bob Evans restaurant to give them a fake tip that there was an active shooter and bomb threat at two nearby schools.


4.  Wait until the cops were distracted by those threats, then rob the bank.



BUT . . . when he went to the restaurant to tell them about the threats, the staff didn't just call the cops.  They also told them about Luke and gave a description of his car.



So the cops pulled him over on the WAY to the bank robbery.  And he was arrested on several charges, including terroristic threats, threat to use weapons of mass destruction, and theft of a license plate.  But hey, not bank robbery. 



(CBS 2 - Pittsburgh)



(Here's a picture of Luke, and a picture of his old man mask.)


A Man Tried to Use His Wife's Passport to Sneak His Mistress into the U.S.

 I'm not sure who this guy is in more trouble with:  U.S. Customs and Border Patrol . . . or his wife.



There's a 49-year-old guy named Rahim Javorovac who's originally from Macedonia, but he's been a U.S. citizen since 2006, living with his wife in Michigan. 



Well . . . last month, he was driving back to Michigan from Canada with a woman in his passenger seat.  And when he handed the Border Patrol officer their U.S. passports, the officer thought it REALLY didn't look like the woman.



And it took awhile, but they finally figured out what was going on:  Rahim was using his WIFE'S passport to try to sneak his MISTRESS from Macedonia into the U.S.



Rahim admitted he'd taken his wife's passport without her knowledge and that he'd had a fling with the woman in the car "20 or 30 years ago."  (Her name is Lenche Krcoska.)  Then they made contact when she visited Canada, and came up with the plan.



They were both arrested and hit with federal charges for improperly using a U.S. passport issued to another person.  That charge has a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. 



(Detroit News)

A Guy Used a Fake $1 Million Bill to Buy an iPhone

So what was the first indication this guy was using counterfeit money?



A woman named Alexis Brown from Scranton, Pennsylvania made plans last week to sell her iPhone 6S to someone for $100.  And when she met the guy, he handed her a roll of bills.



The roll was made up of two $1 bills . . . a $10 bill . . . and a fake $1 MILLION bill.



There's no such thing as a REAL $1 million bill, so I guess saying "fake $1 million bill" is kind of redundant.



Anyway, when she confronted him about the fake bill, he PUNCHED her and took off running.



The cops are trying to track him down. 



(Penn Live)

A 40-Year-Old White Guy Named Tupac Shakur Has Been Arrested

Somewhere in the afterlife, TUPAC is hearing about this story and angrily loading his ghost glock and ready to go "Hit 'Em Up" on this dude.



The cops in Johnson City, Tennessee arrested a guy on Saturday on a probation violation warrant.  That guy's name?  Tupac Shakur.



It's important to note two things.  One, this is NOT the real Tupac . . . this is a 40-year-old white guy.  And two, Tupac isn't his given name, it's Timothy Oliver.  He just exclusively goes by Tupac Shakur.



It's not clear if he legally changed his name to Tupac, but the news outlets are identifying him with that name, so it seems like more than just a nickname or alias.



Anyway, when the cops were arresting him, he tried to pull a knife on them, so they tackled him.  And they found a bunch of meth on him as well.



He's facing several charges. 



(ABC 9 - Chattanooga / The Smoking Gun



(Here's his mugshot.)

A Woman Asks a Cop for Help Filling Up Gas . . . for a Stolen Car

This woman is facing a LOT of jail time because she didn't want to walk six blocks.



There's a 37-year-old woman named Lynette Stewart in Lincoln, California, just outside of Sacramento.  And on Thursday night, she filled up a gas can at a Chevron station, then flagged down a cop who was passing by.



She told him she needed to get back to her car, which was out of gas, so he gave her a ride to it . . . about six blocks away.



And when they got there, he ran the plates on the car . . . and found out it was STOLEN the day before.



So he arrested Lynette for vehicle theft.  And it turned out she had meth on her too, so she was also charged with drug possession. 



(CBS 13 - Sacramento / NBC 3 - Sacramento)



(Here's her mugshot.)

A Guy with His Name Tattooed on His Neck Tries to Give the Cops a Fake Name

This guy should probably consider investing in turtlenecks.



There's a 36-year-old guy named Matthew Bushman from Mansfield, Illinois.  And last Wednesday, the cops put out a warrant for his arrest in a forgery case.



On Friday, some officers spotted him and asked him if he was Matthew.  And he said no, and gave them a fake name.



There was just one problem.  He has his name TATTOOED on his NECK.



It says "Matty B." on his throat, and the cops saw it . . . so that really blew up his plan.  He was arrested. 



(NBC 17 - Decatur)



(Here's his mugshot, which clearly shows his tattoo.)

A Wanted Criminal Tells the Cops There's "No Way" They'll Find Him . . . They Do Within a Few Hours

 If you're going to taunt the cops with a game of hide-and-seek, the least you could do is be decent at hide-and-seek.



There's a 42-year-old guy named Jason San Miguel in Wharton, Texas.  He was wanted on burglary charges, and last Friday, a cop called him to tell him to turn himself in.



And Jason responded by telling the cop there was, quote, "NO WAY" they would ever find him.



But it only took the cops a few hours to prove him wrong, when they spotted his car in his driveway and found Jason hiding in his own attic.



He's facing between five and 10 years in prison for felony burglary. 



(ABC 13 - Houston / Newsweek)



(Here's a picture of him getting arrested.)

A Guy Named Samuel L. Jackson Got a DUI and Unleashed a String of Profanities

If this guy is trying to live up to his name, he's doing a heck of a job.



Cops in Palm Bay, Florida responded to a car crash last Friday.  And one of the drivers was a 43-year-old drunk guy named SAMUEL L. JACKSON . . . who wouldn't stop SWEARING at them.



He tried to claim he was totally sober.  But he smelled like booze, and his eyes were bloodshot.



Then he got belligerent . . . unleashed a string of profanities when they tried to arrest him . . . and wouldn't let them do a breathalyzer test.



He kept swearing and threatened to SHOOT one of the cops while they were taking him to a hospital.



He's facing charges for drunk driving and threatening a public servant. 






(Here's his mugshot.)

A Guy Calls 911 Because His Roommate Stole $20 of His Weed

It's amazing this guy WASN'T arrested.



A guy in Pasco County, Florida called 911 repeatedly on Saturday night to report that his roommate had stolen something from him . . . $20 worth of his weed.



A cop tweeted about the calls and said he was going to call the guy back to tell him to stop reporting that to 911.  But as far as we know, he didn't arrest the guy or the guy's roommate. 



(Fox 35 - Orlando)

A 20-Year-Old Was Busted for Using a "McLovin" ID to Drink at a Bar

This is a real life-imitates-art, post-postmodern way to get drunk.



A 20-year-old guy named Daniel Burleson was at a bar in Iowa City, Iowa on Friday when the cops did a sweep through to check IDs.



And when Daniel gave them his real ID that showed he was 20, they spotted his fake ID in his wallet.  And it wasn't just any fake ID . . . it was a Hawaii driver's license with the name McLovin.  With a picture of McLovin on it.



If you don't know that reference, it's from the movie "Superbad", where one of the characters gets a fake Hawaii driver's license that says his name is "McLovin."



Daniel said he ordered it off Amazon.



He was charged with possession of a fake ID, public intoxication, minor in possession of alcohol, and being in a bar while underage. 



(The Smoking Gun



(Here's his mugshot, and the McLovin ID.)

A Driver Accidentally Foils a Guy in a High-Speed Police Chase by Refusing to Let Him Pass

A guy named Scott Tanner was driving in the carpool lane on the freeway in Seattle on Wednesday when, suddenly, a guy in a Jeep sped up behind him and started tailgating him and honking.



Scott figured it was just someone, quote, "road raging" . . . so he refused to pull over and let the guy pass.  Instead, he slowed down a little bit just to frustrate the guy . . . who wound up pulling off the freeway at the next stop.



Well, here's what Scott didn't realize.



The guy in the Jeep was a 24-year-old named Arik Knapik, and he was actually in a high-speed POLICE CHASE at the time.  The cops had been chasing him after he assaulted his girlfriend.



And because Scott wouldn't move over, it slowed Arik down, which allowed about 20 cop cars to catch up.  And they were able to catch Arik shortly after that.



He's facing several charges. 



(CBS 7 - Seattle)


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