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Big Mo

Tommie "Big Mo" was born in Hollywood, California and raised in Denver, Colorado. He is the youngest of three boys with three beautiful kids of his own. He went to high school at JFK in Denver, Colorado and went to college at a major university. He now lives in Abilene, TX working maintenance and as a DJ/Radio Host while raising his youngest son. He loves what he does because he loves music, all types of music, but his favorite is smooth jazz because it calms him and puts him in a smooth and calm mood after a hard day. Big Mo is the founder and CEO of an anti-bully group of kids ages 5 to 15 called The U Squad of Abilene. One of his motto’s is, “If you can’t help yourself, you can’t help others.” He wants to make a positive impact as a 96Q DJ and to be remembered as one of the best DJ/Host on 96Q right here in Abilene, TX!

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