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Michael Stewart/WireImage"I came to this country as an illegal immigrant @ 5 years old." 

That's how Nicki Minaj begins a post in which she weighs in on the Trump administration's policy of separating immigrant children from their families.

Nicki, who was born in Trinidad and Tobago but moved when she was five to The Bronx, New York to live with her mother, writes on her Instagram: "I can’t imagine the horror of being in a strange place & having my parents stripped away from me at the age of 5. This is so scary to me."

Nicki goes on: "Please stop this. Can you try to imagine the terror & panic these kids feel right now? Not knowing if their parents are dead or alive, if they’ll ever see them again..."  She ends her post with an American flag emoji.

In the face of widespread, escalating backlash, President Donald Trump on Wednesday afternoon signed an executive order he said would end his administration's policy of separating immigrant families from their children at the U.S. border.

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Kailey Fellows/NBCPete Davidson was Jimmy Fallon's guest on Wednesday's The Tonight Show, where he confirmed his engagement to Ariana Grande publicly for the first time.

"You know you didn't have to get engaged to Ariana Grande to come on our show," Fallon began, to which Davidson replied, "But I did!"

"I feel like I won a contest," the Saturday Night Live star, told Fallon. "It's so sick. It's f****** lit, Jimmy."

Davidson, seated next to Fallon's other guest, Robert Pattinson, went on to say that random people are stopping him on the street to offer their congratulations.

"Some dude came up to me and was like, ‘Yo man, you gave me hope,'" he added.

Davidson didn't reveal a wedding date, but when it does happen, the couple has an invitation to hold it on The Tonight Show stage.

As for Grande, a source tells E! Online that the 24-year-old "No Tears Left to Cry" singer was watching from the side of the stage and "had a huge smile on her face the entire time and was constantly clapping."

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ABC/Paula Lobo

In her new video for "Strangers," Halsey and her duet partner Lauren Jauregui play boxers who beat each other bloody.  While filming the clip, which Halsey says was partly inspired by Christina Aguilera's "sweaty and filthy and really sexy" video for "Dirrty," she and Lauren didn't pull any punches...literally.

"We trained with real boxers and stunt coaches and got in the ring and fought each other. It was so fun!" Halsey tells ABC Radio. "'Strangers' is about this relationship where these two people are kinda beating the life out of each other emotionally, it's this like give and take, y'know? And it does feel very much like a boxing match."

"Sometimes one person's winning, sometimes another person's winning, but they're both tired and they don't want to be hurting each other, but they feel like they have to," she explains.

And since the song is about a same-sex relationship, Halsey also wanted to make sure the video didn't fall back on cliches.

"There's a lot of videos where people kind of portray female/female relationships in a way that's really overtly sensual, it's eye candy," Halsey tells ABC Radio. "It's to make you go, 'Oh my gosh!'  y'know?  And so I didn't wanna do that with this video. I wanted to really show the pain of the real relationship." 

Halsey recently wrapped up a Latin American tour with Lauren as her opening act -- it was the Fifth Harmony singer's first solo trek.   The North American leg of Halsey's tour -- her final round of dates in support of her platinum album hopeless fountain kingdom -- kicks off July 8 in Montreal.

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Mert & MarcusDuring the 2016 election, when many celebrities were supporting one candidate or another, some people were upset that Taylor Swift didn't do the same, and merely encouraged people to vote.  Since then, though, she's donated to the March For Our Lives campaign for gun reform.  It was also reported she gave $100,000 to the legal defense fund for victims of sexual harassment.  But that evidently isn't enough for one particular rock star.

Speaking to the New York Times, Trent Reznor, Oscar and Grammy-winning frontman for alternative rock band Nine Inch Nails, says that in the '90s, he was told that because he has influence, it's his job to "call out whatever needs to be called out," and he's tried to do so.

"And I think about that today, because it seemed like it was a lot easier to just keep your mouth shut and let it go back then," he continues. "You don’t hear a lot from the Taylor Swifts of the world, and top-tier, needle-moving cultural youth, because they are concerned about their brand, their demographic and their success and career and whatnot."

Meanwhile, Taylor's out on her Reputation World Tour, and is likely unconcerned about what Reznor thinks of her.

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Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagicPink’s daughter Willow is down a tooth, but up a hundred bucks.

Carey Hart, Pink’s husband and Willow’s dad, posted about the seven-year-old’s fierce Tooth Fairy negotiating tactics.

“Willz is gonna be the next major investment banker,” he wrote. “We settled on 100 buck[s] for 1 shot at pulling her tooth out. Was the best money I ever spent, and she got 20 weeks' worth of tour per diem in 5 seconds.”

He included a picture of Willow holding her tooth in one hand and the hundred-dollar bill in the other.

Willow celebrated her seventh birthday on June 2 and Carey posted a special message for her on Instagram.

“I love this little girl more than life itself,” he wrote. “She is becoming such a strong, smart, sensitive, little girl. I’m so proud of everything you are and I enjoy every moment we are together. Even when you are giving me a hard time!”

He added, “Happy 7th big girl, your mamma, little brother, and papa love you around the moon 10 million times and back.”

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Republic RecordsAriana Grande's new song "The Light Is Coming" features a repeated sample of a man's voice saying over and over, "You wouldn't let anybody speak!"  While some fans find the sample annoying, others are simply wondering who the heck the guy is.  Well, now we know.

MTV's Madeline Roth tweeted, "soo, the sample in @ArianaGrande’s #TheLightIsComing ('you wouldn’t let anybody speak!') appears to be from a CNN archive clip of a man shouting at the late Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter at a town hall meeting in 2009." 

She included the clip in the tweet, and you can hear the man saying, "Instead, you wouldn't let anybody speak! You handed on what, 30 guards?  Well, I got news for you."

According to PopBuzz, Pharrell Williams produced the song, and sampled the same event in the song "Lemon," by his group N.E.R.D., only he incorporated Specter's voice saying "Now, wait a minute!" into that track.

Meanwhile, the video for "The Light Is Coming" is now streaming on  It features Ariana running through the woods, at times holding a lighted ball.  If you watch it on Reebok's site, you can sign up to win a pair of Classic Rapide kicks like the ones Ariana wears in the clip, autographed by the singer herself.

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Def Jam RecordingsAlessia Cara makes adulthood seem like a nightmare she can’t escape in the new video for “Growing Pains.”

The video starts with Alessa laying on a circular platform wearing a hospital gown and clutching a bouquet of flowers. She gets up, her face streaked with tears, and begins wandering through a group of masked, gray-suited figures.

These masked people jostle Alessia and put her on an operating table as they prepare to fit her for her own “adult” grey suit -- the one she’s sporting in the cover art for the single. If you look closely in the background of the scene, you'll see the red flannel shirt she wore on the cover of her first album, Know-It-All, being wheeled away by the scary grown-ups.

Lights begin to flash as a huge curtain spins around her. We then see Alessia ditch the hospital gown, and the final scene is of her floating underwater as she wriggles into the grey suit.

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ABC/Paula LoboAfter a year-long wait, the video for Halsey and Lauren Jauregui’s duet “Strangers” is finally here.

The video is a prequel to Halsey’s previous self-directed hopeless fountain kingdom videos, all of which follow the same narrative about star-crossed lovers Luna and Solis. The “Strangers” video finds Halsey’s Luna in the boxing ring with Lauren’s character, Rosa.

Luna, dressed in red, and Rosa, dressed in white, throw punches until they’re bloodied. Luna ends up knocking Rosa out and winning the match.

After the match, Luna meets Solis, thus kicking off the journey that plays out in her videos for “Now or Never,” “Bad at Love,” “Sorry” and “Alone.”

Halsey previously explained the “Strangers” video premise to fans on Twitter, writing, “The album, and every video, is one continuous gender flipped Romeo and Juliet story! Luna is Romeo and Solis is Juliet. Rosaline (Rosa) is the woman Romeo is in love with before Juliet but he cannot have her!”

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Dave J Hogan/Getty ImagesOn Tuesday night, James Bay opened for The Rolling Stones at London's Twickenham Stadium, and then he stuck around to join the rock legends on stage.

James joined Stones frontman Mick Jagger for a duet on the band's classic tune "Beast of Burden."  Afterwards, he wrote on Instagram, "This band have probably shaped the way I make music and perform more than anyone else. Their relentless passion and energy on stage is so inspiring. I can’t believe last night was real. THANK YOU X."

Prior to the gig, The Stones' iconic guitarist Keith Richards posted footage of himself hanging out with James backstage and showing him what appears to be a shrine to Richards' early rock and roll heroes.

This isn’t the first time James has opened for The Stones: Back in 2013, before anyone really knew who he was, he warmed up the crowd when they played London's Hyde Park. 

It isn't even the first time he's performed onstage with a member of the Stones: In 2015, he asked guitarist Ronnie Wood to join him at a London show to perform a song by Ronnie's former band, The Faces.

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ABC/Randy HolmesRemember that Instagram story of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson shopping for rugs?  It appears they now have a place to put them.

TMZ reports the couple just moved into a $16 million apartment in a new luxury complex Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.  The 4,000-square-foot unit has five beds, four-and-a-half baths and great views.  The complex itself boasts a fitness center, a 75-foot skylit pool and a private IMAX theater. 

It's not clear if the engaged couple purchased their new digs or if they're simply renting, but it appears they'll have a pretty extensive wedding registry.  Over the weekend, Ariana posted a SpongeBob meme with the caption, "Us in our new apartment with no furniture 1 speaker and red vines."

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ABC/Paula LoboHalsey's been announced as the headliner for this year's Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival, taking place at Jones Beach on Long Island, New York on August 18 and 19.

This is the singer's second appearance at the festival; she also played there in 2015.  In a statement, Halsey said, "It’s an incredible honor to headline the Hot 100 Music Festival this year and join such a talented group of artists on the line-up."

The New Jersey native added, "I’m ready to bring the heat to Jones Beach for a second time. You can’t beat performing for fans in New York. They’re the best in the world.”

The festivals other headliners include DJ Snake, Future and Rae Sremmurd.  Other performers include Sabrina Carpenter, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, Daya, Sheppard, Cheat Codes, Kehlani, Matoma, gnash, Olivia O'Brien, Rozes and Machine Gun Kelly.

Single-day tickets go on sale June 29 at Two-day passes, which start at $80, are also still available for purchase. Visit or for all the details.

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Warwick Saint for EssenceThese days, Janet Jackson is happy, but in a letter written for Essence magazine, the 52-year-old icon writes that it's taken decades for her to find a sense of inner peace, and acknowledges there've been many struggles along the way.

In the revealing note, Jackson admits that her 30s were especially challenging as she battled depression. The struggle, she writes, "was intense."

"I could analyze the source of my depression forever. Low self-esteem might be rooted in childhood feelings of inferiority," she explaina. "It could relate to failing to meet impossibly high standards. And, of course, there are always the societal issues of racism and sexism. Put it all together and depression is a tenacious and scary condition. Thankfully, I found my way through it."

Now mother to one-year-old son Eissa, Janet writes that her greatest happiness comes from being a parent.

“Now the height of happiness is holding my baby son in my arms and hearing him coo, or when I look into his smiling eyes and watch him respond to my tenderness. When I kiss him. When I sing him softly to sleep," she writes. "During those sacred times, happiness is everywhere. Happiness is in gratitude to God."

The singer, who will headline the 2018 Essence Festival in New Orleans next month, writes that "hard work -- focused work, positive work -- makes me happy," and adds that she's also inspired by "the commitment of young people on justice causes," as well as the #MeToo movement.

"We are living at a time in history when women all over the world are refusing to be controlled, manipulated, exploited or abused. Heart and soul, I stand with these women," Janet writes. "We have found our strength, and we will not relent."

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Republic Records

Sweetener, Ariana Grande's much-anticipated fourth studio album, will be released on August 17.  Ariana's label, Republic Records, revealed the news Wednesday morning.

In addition, Ariana has released a new track from that album, the Pharrell-produced, "The Light Is Coming," featuring Nicki Minaj.  You can check out the new track today at the usual digital outlets. 

Sweetener is also available for pre-order now.  If you do, you'll receive an instant download of the new track, as well as Ariana's other first hit single from Sweetener, "No Tears Left to Cry."

The video for "The Light Is Coming" is also coming -- will exclusively release today it at 12 noon Eastern time.

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Terence Patrick - ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights ReservedMama Mia! Here We Go Again co-star Cher was James Corden's guest on night two of The Late Late Show's week-long stand at London's Central Hall Westminster, and revealed which she found harder to stomach -- Donald Trump or cow's tongue.

The 72-year-old singer/actress joined Corden for a game of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" -- his spin on Truth or Dare, in which they challenged each other to give honest answers to personal questions or eat disgusting things.

At one point, Cher, known for being outspoken about her disapproval of the president, was asked to say something complimentary about him. "There's nothing nice about him," she admitted, following a long pause. "I can't say one nice thing about him."

Instead, Cher opted to fill her guts -- with a cow's tongue.

Cher also preferred eating dried caterpillar to spilling dirt on her top five lovers, besides Tom Cruise, whom she once allegedly ranked as her favorite.

Later, Cher recalled the time she, along with Mama Mia co-star and longtime friend Meryl Streep, saved a woman being assaulted on a New York City street and were almost attacked themselves.

"We come around the corner, and this gigantic man is ripping the clothes off of this girl," she began. "And Meryl starts screaming and I start screaming, and we run towards this gigantic man, and he turned and starts running towards us."

"And just out of, I don't know, we split, and he ran through us," she continued.

Afterward, the grateful woman responded with, "Oh my God, I was saved by Meryl Streep and Cher. I'm an actress and I work in a cafe where we sing and oh, my brother would be so jealous."

Mama Mia! Here We Go Again opens nationwide July 20.

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Mark SurridgeEd Sheeran's gone from "Lego House" to Lego Head: He donated a Lego sculpture of his own head to a local charity shop in his U.K. hometown.

As The London Economic reports, Ed often donates his personal possessions to the St. Elizabeth Hospice shop in Framlingham, Suffolk, and they sell the items to raise money.  This time around, Ed has given the shop two Lego likenesses: a huge one of his head and a smaller, full-body one.

He's also given the shop his first record player, a skateboard, clothing, shoes, some of his school music books and music stands he kept in his childhood bedroom.

Speaking to the BBC, the hospice spokeswoman, Helen Owen, said, "He's been really Framlingham is his local shop, he thinks of us.  Normally it is a few [sweaters] and Hoax t-shirts he wears on tour, which are great, but this time we got the head."

She added that it was "really lovely" that the Lego sculpture is "of him, [and] made by him".

Some of the items were immediately put on sale in the store -- a hoodie and a t-shirt have already been sold for more than $200 each -- but some of them will be put on eBay in an attempt to raise as much money as possible.

In 2016, Ed donated 13 bags of clothes to the store, and between in-person sales and online sales, more than 46 thousand dollars was raised.  The hospice helps improve life for those living with progressive and terminal illnesses.

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ABC/Kelsey McNeal"Meant to Be," the collaboration between Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line, has been one of the biggest hits of the year.  FGL is now dreaming of collaborating with other pop stars -- and they're setting their sights pretty high.

"Bruno Mars...that'd be somebody to spend a couple days with in the studio and try to create something from nothing," says Florida Georgia Line's Brian "BK" Kelly. "Y'know, get in the studio and make it really come to life. But I think Rihanna would be cool [too]......I think it'd be cool to hear our voices together."

According to FGL's Tyler Hubbard, they're pretty much down to work with any number of stars outside of the country genre.

"I think every time we go to an awards show, BK and I are always [saying], 'That'd be cool to do a song with them!' or 'That'd be awesome to do a song with them!'" he laughs. "There's so many talented artists out there, it's pretty unreal."

Meanwhile, Tyler says that the message of "Meant to Be" has not only resonated with music fans, but with him and BK as well.

"It's been over a year since we wrote that song and we've been living with it way before the world had it, so I think we were learning the day we wrote it," Tyler explains. "And learning how to kinda look at the world that way, and look at life that way, and just kinda let go of some control and just let things happen."

Tyler adds, "I just think that's something that we've continued to be reminded of, with...every bit of success that this song has had...and then it's cool to kinda see the world be reminded of that as well and really connect with that."

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Republic RecordsAriana Grande and Nicki Minaj's latest collabo, "Bed," is out now, but the video hasn't arrived yet.  However, we now have a one-minute teaser for the sexy track, which features a lot of water, and a whole lot of Nicki and Ari.

In the clip, the two sport bikinis -- Nicki's is particularly revealing -- and lounge around in a foam-filled pool, play with bubbles and frolic on the beach.

No word on when we can expect the full video.  Meanwhile, the duo's other collaboration, "The Light Is Coming," is dropping tonight.  Tomorrow, the pre-order for Ari's new album Sweetener goes live.

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Courtesy NetflixLady Gaga has talked about making new music on social media recently, but she now confirms that she is, in fact, working on her sixth album.

Gaga won the Best Music Documentary Award at the MTV Movie and TV Awards for her Netflix doc Gaga: Five Foot Two, and afterwards, she told Variety, "I’m just always making music, I’ve always been that way and I think you see in Five Foot Two that I’m a studio rat."

The new album, when it arrives, will be the follow up to 2016's Joanne. This year will also see Gaga make her movie debut in A Star Is Born and kick off a Las Vegas residency.  It'll mark a return to the spotlight for the singer, who's been laying low since she wrapped up her world tour early this year.

Gaga, who told Variety that contrary to the title of her documentary, she's actually "five-foot-three and three quarters," also spoke about her battle with fibromyalgia, a condition that causes her chronic pain and forced her to cancel a number of concerts in February.

Addressing the fact that many people doubt the condition is real, she told Variety, “To anyone that doesn’t believe in fibromyalgia: I dare you to spend five minutes in my body on a day when I’m in pain, and then try and say it again."

But despite her pain, the singer said what keeps her going is "being inside the vortex of my art and creating and making things that are not only meaningful to me but hopefully to other people."

She added, "When I’m with Tony Bennett, and we hang out, we always joke that we never work a day. Because we love what we do.”


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Joseph LlanesAndy Grammer and Pentatonix are two of the musical acts who'll be performing on the 38th annual edition of A Capitol Fourth, which will air live on PBS Wednesday, July 4th.

Andy will perform his hit "Back Home" on the show, though what Pentatonix will perform hasn't been announced yet.  Joining them on the bill are The Beach Boys, Motown legends The Temptations, country star Luke Combs, American Idol runner-up and country star Lauren Alaina, and gospel legend CeCe Winans.

In addition, Jimmy Buffett and the cast of Escape to Margaritaville, the Broadway musical based on Buffett's songs, will take the stage, while opera star Renee Fleming will perform a number from the musical Carousel.

The show will air live on PBS from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol on July 4 from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET. It'll also be live-streamed on, YouTube and Facebook, and will be available as Video on Demand through July 18.

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James Devaney/GC ImagesRemember when we all assumed Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin were dating?  Now we -- including Shawn -- are all trying to figure out if she's dating Justin Bieber.

Speaking to Canada's etalk, Shawn said, "I don’t know if they’re dating or not."  However, he adds, "I love them both. They’re both really awesome people."

Over the past week, Justin and Hailey were photographed together a number of times.  TMZ reported that they were spotted kissing in a Brooklyn, NY park on Saturday.  That same night, they were seen smooching in Manhattan's Rockefeller Park, as Hailey sat on Justin's lap. 

According to TMZ, the previous week, the two were seen together in Miami, where they held hands, went to a church conference, had dinner and hit up a nightclub.

A source told People magazine last week that Justin is "single and not dating anyone seriously," adding, "He has known Hailey for years...he likes hanging out with her...but they are not in a relationship."

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