Lindsay Lohan is back gracing our TVs and she wants everyone to know she’s a Boss B. MTV’s Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club is premiering on January 8th and this is our first glimpse of the show. LiLo is ready to take over Mykonos and the club scene. We will see the staff she has hired (only the best) and how she manages her club, Lohan Beach House.



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Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club@MTVBeachClub

This is how you run a club in Mykonos! ???? premieres Tuesday, January 8th at 8/7c only on @MTV! ????


2:30 PM - Dec 3, 2018



If MTV is smart they took inspiration from Vanderpump Rules and have only cast entertaining and dramatic employees for the club.  Right now, I’m very optimistic about this show. This could end up backfiring, but I’m kind of getting Lisa Vanderpump vibes from Lindsay here? No offense to Lisa of course, she is the queen. Lindsay should just try and be like Lisa, the formula works. If only she still had that fake accent.


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