If you're going to go to all the trouble to pose as a fake cop, at least set the bar nice and high when you start asking for BRIBES.



There's a 34-year-old guy named Adam Viens from Thompson, Connecticut, and over the summer, he decided he was going to pretend to be a cop.



He wound up talking to a 47-year-old guy named Keith Barnes who was facing an impaired driving charge.  And Adam told Keith he was a state trooper who was out on disability, and he offered to clear the charge.



He only wanted a small thing in return:  Some beers and a shrimp cocktail.  Dream big, kids.



Anyway, the whole thing was super suspicious, so Keith wound up calling the real cops to tell them what was going on.



And on Monday, they arrested Adam for impersonating a police officer. 



(Norwich Bulletin



(Here's his mugshot.)

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