Work Again West Texas, a program inspired by other cities to help homeless people get a hand up and not a hand out.

"They are successfully providing jobs but what really appealed to me is they are not only providing jobs and day labor it's much more than that they seem to be having some good suitability. Neighbors who genuinely want to work and then are transitioning into other jobs," said Megan Dobbs, chair, Work Again West Texas Advisory Board.

The program hoping to start here in Abilene in the fall, picking up five people a day, twice a week for $26.09 a day in pay.

"Goodwill's responsibility will be insuring they have the proper identification in order to go out and work to take them to the work site and help over see that and then bring them back to our career center so that they can access resources and ensure they get paid for that day," said Kevin Bradford, President & CEO, Goodwill. 

They say this insures the neighbors by getting them a job while also cleaning the community and inspiring new careers.

"The city allowing us to go into neighborhoods and allies to clean up really shows their commitment to helping our neighbors find satiability," said Bradford.

The employers need them too.

"Who need more people in those kind of entry level beginning jobs and we really think that the people who really work hard in this program could easily transition into full time work in our city," said Dobbs.

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